On Area Observations D.O.K. and for what?

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    Our building is one of the worst in the district in accidents/injuries. Our district just had three tier 3 accidents last week. so not suprisingly 10 minutes into my lunch who appears next to my truck but my division manager. he says hes been on area observing me and wants to go over it.. i punch out of lunch and we waste 20 min of my day talking about dok...yark control.. etc... whatever its their dime... my question to all is .. have stop counts gone up....routes cut.....communication down the tubes....and have all management soley concentrated on dicsipling drivers rather than operations or growing the business in all the buildings?

    oh yeah, he also asked why i thought accidents and injuries have gone up

    i said well stop counts have gone up, miles driven per driver gone up, air routes cut etc.. bottom line you push more out of us in less time

    what did u think was goning to happen?.........thoughts on that?

    thanks guys
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    Short answer: Everyone's feeling heat one way or the other. Do your job and do it safely, that's all you need to worry about.
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    You were a lot nicer than I would have been...I would have told him to go back to his car and wait until I had completed my full, uninterrupted lunch break before asking me to regurgitate his safety drivel.
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    The "golden rule" of UPS management is this; its not what you accomplish that gets you promoted, its how good you look on paper pretending to accomplish it.

    Your Division Manager is well aware of the real reasons behind the increase in accidents and injuries. Since he has neither the intention or the ability to actually solve those underlying problems, he will do the next best thing; he will pretend to solve them by getting out from behind his desk on a nice sunny day and going out into the real world to spy on a few of his drivers.

    He will make some observations...he will write up some reports....he will test a few of his people on their ability to recite some acronyms....he might even "get tough" and spew out a couple of warning letters just to shake things up and remind everybody that he is the boss. But in the final analysis, nothing will change.
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    They were doing DOK's the other day in my building, one the drivers did badly, so they told him they were sending him home.

    A few other guys heard this and also failed the DOK's to get the day off, they didnt they were told to brush up on them before the end of the week.

    Can you say playing games.

    No matter how much you know the DOK stuff, you can and will get tired working a 10 plus hour day 5 days a week.
    This will lead to more injury's and accidents, no matter what UPS says a human who is tired will make more mistakes then one who is not.

    Safety at UPS is now more about CYA then it is about actaully being safe.
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    It is redundancy. I will admit and without shame that because of UPS I am a better driver. But reciting it, and knowing it is the difference between staying alive, and staying in good graces.
    It is to the point that no matter what you do, if you have a wreck, no matter what you did will not be enough to save your butt.
    When you have a 10 hr day every day, it is called fatigue. When you are fatigued you will sooner or later make a mistake or not avoid something you could have, had you been fresh. They know it, if they dont they are stupid.
    Seems they are testing us to see at what point we fail. I say it is mid december. Peak should not start in September or continue all year. But it does, it will, and no amount of grievances, should you be lucky enough to have a local who makes them be heard, will stop it. Its all about getting the stock up, at the price of workers health and safety.
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    Our center manager actually admitted the other day that the rise in numbers is exactly the reason for the rise in incidents and accidents and injuries and it's bulli:censored2: cause there is nothing he can do about it.
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    I know that my center manager knows that, and I'm pretty sure he knows that we all know it, I'm just disappointed because he won't stand up and admit it.

    Safety's the big push, and with good reason, but how safe is consistently working eleven or twelve hour days? At my center it's been peak hours since last peak, what's up?

    center manager's said over and over at PCM: it's SAFETY 1ST and PRODUCTION 2ND (even though the ridiculous over-dispatches make these two goals contradictory...it's a 2+2=5 kind of thing).

    He never add's the 3rd, but it's SERVICE LAST...

    Really awesome way to run a company, I hope the shareholders are happy, but it doesn't speak well for the projected longevity of UPS.

    Turn in those sales leads!
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    thanks for your feedback brothers glad to know ( not that i thought ) that we're alone in this mess....stay safe and make the money...