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    ON MONDAY...9/11...In Memory

    On Monday there were people fighting against praying in schools. On Tuesday you would have been hard pressed to find a school where someone was not praying.

    On Monday there were people trying to separate each other by race, sex, color and creed. On Tuesday they were all holding hands.

    On Monday we thought that we were secure. On Tuesday we learned better.

    On Monday we were talking about heroes as being athletes. On Tuesday we relearned what hero meant.

    On Monday people went to work at the world trade centers as usual. On Tuesday they died.

    On Monday people were fighting The Ten Commandments on government property. On Tuesday the same people all said 'God help us all' while thinking 'Thou shall not kill.'

    On Monday people argued with their kids about picking up their room. On Tuesday the same people could not get home fast enough to hug their kids.

    On Monday people picked up McDonalds for dinner. On Tuesday they stayed home.

    On Monday people were upset that their dry cleaning was not ready on time. On Tuesday they were lining up to give blood for the dying.

    On Monday politicians argued about budget surpluses. On Tuesday grief stricken they sang 'God Bless America.'

    On Monday we worried about the traffic and getting to work late. On Tuesday we worried about a plane crashing into your house or place of business.

    On Monday we were irritated that our rebate checks had not arrived. On Tuesday we saw people celebrating people dying in the USA.

    On Monday some children had solid families. On Tuesday they were orphans.

    On Monday the President was going to Florida to read to children. On Tuesday he returned to Washington to protect our children.

    On Monday we emailed jokes. On Tuesday we did not.

    It is sadly ironic how it takes horrific events to place things into perspective, but it has. The lessons learned this week, the things we have taken for granted, the things that have been forgotten or overlooked, hopefully will never be forgotten again.

    On Monday - pray and be thankful. On Tuesday - pray and be thankful. On Wednesday - pray and be thankful. On Thursday - pray and be thankful. On Friday - pray and be thankful. On Saturday - pray and be thankful. On Sunday - pray and be thankful.

    - Author unknown.
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    It's sad many have "forgotten" 9-11, as if it happened, but lets forget it.

    I'm wearing my ups/u.s. flag lapel pin monday.
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    Last night I watched CBS's "9-11". This is the filming by 2 brothers following a N.Y. engine company. It was routine filming of firemen when the WTC call came in. Incredible footage from within the disaster. Excellent program!
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    yes moreluck that was excellent, I also was watching after a while though I turned it, it was so depressing usually none of that bothers me but after watching Tuesdays kids on 60 minutes it was too much to watch. All the bravery they all showed was incredible the love they have for being co-workers was also very amazing then there was the retired captain who had to come when he saw what was going on, we all cannot say "Thankyou" quite enough but to all those helping and working there those dreadfull days I say thankyou