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    I searched but didn't find a thread appropriate for this:

    What's your favorite FedEx on-road story?
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    Smelly Guardian Angel.

    Friday September 11th 2009 -

    It rained all day here so you know how it is - soaking wet, still smiling and acting like everything is ok to the customers. In and out, just trying not to think about your wet socks.

    Its about 7:45pm and I have 8 stops left. I walk into one of my stops (on the 11th floor) which is traditionally light (20 docs or so) to find they put out about 45 5lb boxes and 110 envelopes (60 of which were SDRs w/o stickers)... on a friday. Luckily the boxes weren't huge so I got them all on my wheeler.

    I get the cart in the elevator out the front door, and wouldn't you know one of the boxes gets crushed and the load shifts so I lose about 30 of the boxes on the sidewalk. The rain hadn't been bad so I was just in my vest and short sleeves, and wouldn't you know as soon as I lose my load the rain just pours.

    So I'm soaked in the rain repacking my cart and these rich people just walk by enjoying their night as they watch poor FedEx try to manage.

    Out of nowhere a homeless man comes up and says 'Surely Fred wouldn't mind terribly if I help, I'm not here to steal' This guy looks and smells like crap but its all I got so I accept. The whole time he keeps repeating himself stuttering "Surely Fred wouldn't mind terribly if I help, I'm not here to steal". About 20 times he said this as we walked the half block to my truck.

    It became more apparent as I tried to thank him that he wasn't all there. When I said thank-you he just repeated his phrase and walked away stuttering about Fred.
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    Must've been a former co-worker, though I like the idea of a thread that is not complaining about FedEx.
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    Double Parking Nightmare

    February 2009 -

    I'm not sure how they do it in other markets, but at my station we double-park like its our job.

    You know you always get the 'FedEX WHAT THE F!" and the "F YOU!" and "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!?"s but one night I got one lady who lost it all when I double parked her for 7 minutes.

    I do this stop every day and every day the commercial zone is full of non commercial vehicles so I double park. Same as everyday I throw the flashers on and I run into this building, go to the 9th floor, PUP their docs as fast as possible and get out of there.

    Well this day was kinda heavy so I had two doc sort bags full of docs coming down. I knew something bad was coming when I could an angry horn from the elevator.

    I walk out of the building and this woman rushes me and yells into her cellphone 'yeah- your bitch decided to show up'. Then says "I'm calling your boss you little ****, how dare you double-park me" to which I say "I'm terribly sorry, thank you for your patience" (my generic response which usually smooths things over). So I open up my truck and throw the docs and apparently I wasn't moving fast enough cause the lady lays on her horn then gets out of her car and yells "MOVVVVE!" then yells into the phone to a poor CSA "He's not doing his job! His job is customer service and I'm a customer I WANT HIM FIRED".

    At this point I'm trying not to lose my ****, so I walk to my truck and as I'm getting in she yells at me "WHATS YOUR NAME YOU LITTLE PRICK". I get out and calmly walk up to her and show her my ID and point to my employee # and tell her my route number. She says I'm a liar then yells my info into the phone and tells the CSA she wants to talk to my manager because I still haven't moved.

    At this point I say "I haven't moved because you asked me a question (with a lot of sarcasm) is there anything else I can help you with?" then get in my truck. I go to turn the key and I hear what sounds like someone hitting my truck with their fists and sure enough out of my right mirror I see her slamming her fists into the side of my truck.

    I turn the truck back off slam the door open and say "LISTEN. I DONT WANT TO HURT YOU. TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF MY TRUCK AND GET IN YOUR CAR OR I'M CALLING THE COPS".

    She starts yelling something back to which I yell much louder "I DONT CARE. GET IN YOUR CAR AND SHUT UP".

    Took everything I had not to swear her up and down and come up with every insult to women I could.

    The lady gets in her car and starts honking, satisfied that I won't run her over (accidentally) I get back in and drive away.

    I get back to the station and I'm asked to go see my boss. I walk in and say "Yeah I need to tell you about something that happened on-road" and he kinda laughed and said "yeah I heard you got a good one tonight". Apparently she called FedEx 7 or 8 times after I'd pulled away and demanded to speak to my boss. Once she finally got him she demanded compensation. He asked what she wanted for the 10 minutes of her life and she said "she wanted me fired". He told her he couldn't do that and she said she'd have his job.

    I told him what happened and he said "wow. she hit the truck with her fists!? she said you were antagonizing her but I'd of done the same. good job".

    If I had to do it again I think I'd ask her calmly and politely if everything was ok in her life because really, I was in and out in 8 minutes and she dedicated more then 30 minutes calling FedEx to complain. :sad-very:

    Apparently the complaint didn't go through because she knew all my information including my employee number - an 'indicator' that I did everything I could (Boss's words).
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    When i worked in the city i was really good friends with the UPS guy.I was going into a bronstone and the UPS guy asked if i was going to the apartment on the 4th floor and i told him yes.He asked me if i could give leave a UPS pkg in front of the door so i took and went upstairs delivered my Fedex envelope and then handed him a UPS pkg.The guy looked at me in total confusion.
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    One morning we had all left the building and were headed out to our routes when 3 of us got the word we had packages that had just been found for us at the station. "Bobby" was just leaving, so we radioed (pre-DADS) him that we'd lag behind and he could catch us. There was a freeway on-ramp that was always clogged and slow so we figured he'd catch up before we could get on. That particular morning, the ramp was wide open and a cop was there so we couldn't pull over on the shoulder and wait. All 3 of us had to get on the freeway or get a ticket.

    By then, "Bobby" had caught-up and "Glen" suggested we try a moving handoff on the freeway. Everyone agreed, and we pulled-up evenly across 4 lanes of freeway and proceeded to hand-off the pkgs through the open windows by leaning across and tossing them into the next van over.

    5 motorists called-in to Federal Express and 3 called the police. When we returned to the station that night all 3 station managers were waiting for us and proceeded to ream us out...and rightfully so. No letters, and we all went out for beers. This would never happen today... .we'd all be fired.


    Wow, you freakin' old timers...LMAO!! I've done the loading on the freeway, I've been screamed and cussed at, but my favorite is the directions from customers on some of our extended routes....ones that literally include "once you leave the paved road..."

    I delivered an FO to a guy in his plane once. He was just about to take off at a small strip when he saw me drive by, he called the tower and came back to his hangar. Lucky for me, I saw him coming...that would've sucked big time! LOL


    How many of us have the nude customer stories?
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    I have plenty,none of the women were under 200 pounds though.:angry:
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    and you think it is a coincidence
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    He won't get it...count on it.


    ROFLMAO!! I'm so glad I work in an area with lots of young mothers...lol
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    It's usually the 75 year-old cat lady or hoarder who shows up either naked or "falling-out" at the door, not the nubile 22 year-old with no tan lines. Back when I first started one of the old-timers set me up with a stop that they knew would get a rookie flustered. I was doing a garbage route and had one residential where the courier specifically told me to go to the side gate and then to the back yard, where the recipient would be working outside catching some rays by the pool.

    I do as I'm told, and as I walk around the corner of the backyard the male resident and his boyfriend are sitting completely naked in their chairs holding hands and chatting in the sunshine.

    Neither of them acted like anything was weird, although I was about ready to turn around and run (backwards) through the gate, mainly because I was so embarassed. I steadied myself, handed one of them the Courier-Pak, and asked for a signature. When he tried to hand me back the pen I told him we were doing a promotional "giveaway" and that he could keep it.

    When I returned to the station that night the courier asked if I had experienced any "problems" with his stops with a knowing look. I said "nope", and kept right on as if nothing had ever happened.

    2 weeks later "Stu" was complaining to the mechanic that his truck smelled bad but he couldn't figure-out why. The next morning he walked-up to me holding the moldy paper bag with the 3 McDonald's hamburgers I had hidden behind the spare tire of his Econoline 13 days prior.
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    Someone starts a decent Fedex thread with no reason to argue or fight in and and the same clowns come in here and start with the attacking for no reason.You hate UPS and you hate Fedex.I dont get why you are here.Real tough guys in here like to gang up on people on the internet hiding behind a computer.

    So pathetic,and if you keep sending me these lame PMs i,m going to report you again.
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    What are you even talking about? You're the illegitimate one here. The one that said FedEx employees could fly for free; that wasn't familiar with JCATS; that didn't know what a BST was; that didn't know that FedEx had hubs; that stated that FT FedEx drivers do 60 stops...etc, etc, etc.

    You respond to innocuous threads like this one to make yourself appear legitimate, but you're not fooling anybody. Let me emphasize this one more time: YOU HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY. NONE. YOU ARE TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.
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    Thats not what this thread is about but once again you lame ducks gotta bring it there.Thats cool.Your problem is when someone comes on here not bashing Fedex,you guys automatically jump on them,calling them a liar.

    Dont be mad because you never knew how to use the flight benefits at Fedex and not everyone knows how to use JCATS,it took me 10 years.Ive never taken the BST.Full time drivers in my station do 60-90 stops,part timers average 35.Because i say all this,its means im a fraud and a liar.
    How sad.
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    Ha. Ok we had our mandatory trash session. I like hearing the "ole timer stories" especially the jump seat ones.

    It came up on Friday how Sept. 11th went down at FedEx in my district. The courier I talked to said he was on road when his friend called him up and said there was a terrorist attack. He was like 'ohhh yeah ok' to his friend, then the tracker went off. He read the message it said "All Routes Return to Station" and when he looked up he saw UPS and DHL drivers at the dock he was at throwing all their freight back in the truck and leaving as fast as possible.

    He said everyone just hauled it back to the station and when they got management met them and said "FedEx is closed. The whole thing. Shut down. Go home, be with your families, be safe, we'll call you".

    Two days passed before they got the call back and apparently FedEx paid for the time off.
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    Here's pathetic. First, you steal my avatar, then you change your "slogan" to pretend you're a moderator. Plus, you're on here with at least 3 different usernames because you slam me on reputation with the same lame comments. You can't repeatedly give the same person negative reputation as FedEx4Life, so you do it with different names.
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    Another LIE. I openly request that the webmaster of this site or any of the moderators please reveal each and every one of the PM's I have sent to this clown. Good luck...because there aren't any. Hey, FedEx4Life, please show everyone those PM's...please. You can't...they don't exist.

    You sent ME a PM once begging for a truce because you couldn't take me exposing you as a troll. What a LOSER.