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    Just wanted to know if all hubs handle their on the job injuries like our hub does. In our hub if you are injured at work the hub nurse makes it almost impossible to file a Workers Comp. injury claim. It's common knowledge around here if you don't want to deal with delays and harassment just file a claim with SDI and tell SDI it was a non work related injury. The last back injury I had (MRI L5 S1 herniated disk) I filled out an accident report, talked to the hub nurse and filed a claim with Liberty Mutual. She told me I had to see the company doctor (Concentra). I told her I had filled out a form which allowed me to see my own physician for the injury. I saw my doctor who took me off work. She called my doctor and she was furious. After two months went by getting the run-around and still no check from Liberty Mutual, I was told to file a claim with SDI and have them pay me. Is this common practice in all hubs?
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    Lawyer up
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    First thing to do is contact your union hall. I hope your's is as helpful as ours when it comes to dealing with short term disability.
    BUT.. If you say it is off job injury, there is no temporary lite duty work.
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    You go to YOUR doctor...
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    ...AND their doctor...