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    PT PH applicant, tour/interview in about a week from now.
    I'd save my questions for the interview, but I gather half of what HR says upon hire are lies??? I don't have an employee # to log in and fact check, or access to a current supplement.

    Please help me have a realistic idea about what I'm buying here, and what to watch out for.

    Position: Package Handler - Part-Time
    Twilight Ramp 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM Monday - Friday
    $75.00 weekly bonus plus hourly pay paid weekly for Package Handlers. Also, Part-time Package Handlers are eligible to receive up to $25,000 educational assistance benefit good toward college, trade school or technical school. Apply today!

    Eligibility begins the day you're hired and benefits are prorated accordingly in case you're hired mid–semester.

    I go to college, and tuition reimbursement is the reason I would pick this employer over others. I am aware HR must have good reasons to hang a $25k carrot above the revolving door, however: how exactly I am supposed to work with them so I can stay for a while like they want? Because honestly, it's clear as mud.

    There is NO mention of seasonal in this ad. I'm aiming to start mid-August. However, this pops up at the end of the online application, and they made signing this mandatory to complete the application:

    Acknowledgement of PEAK Season Hiring Policy
    As a peak season hire, I acknowledge that my employment is temporary, that I have no guarantee of full-time or part-time employment with United Parcel Service ("UPS") and that my employment may be terminated on or before January 31, 2019. I further acknowledge that as a peak season hire, I am an at-will employee, and, as such, my employment may be discontinued at any time.

    SO what now.. am I a seasonal, or a part timer? Do make book after 30 non-free-period days, or do I get tossed out come January, or made to reapply, get a new contract, lose seniority? Basically my question is: do they want me to stay for a while or not? They're selling this job with the promise of free $ if you bring the right attitude and stick with UPS for a few years, but when it's time to sign contracts, it's a totally different story.

    My other question is: how realistic is the 6 pm-11 pm M-F schedule? I understand it could be less than 5 hours every day. What about more than 5 hours, or weekends? Can they force you to work outside these hours, if you have school?
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    Most likely seasonal. Most buildings are desperate for bodies so I wouldn't worry about the seasonal part. You could be sent home early, you could be forced to stay later. You can be asked to come in weekends if your building has Saturday. Ups doesn't care about your school schedule. It's a job. This isn't a tech start up job where they work with your schedule. When your needed at ups they want you there to work. If you can't then on to the next body who can.
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    On toplc truth is: with the union negotiated wages, you ain't buying much of anything.
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    Peak season is quite a few months away. If you get hired on right now then you should be okay. As far as the schedule you should get at least 3.5-4 hours. My guess is something like 630pm-930pm being new. Just try to make book first since twilight is probably the best shift while you go to school.
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    The Union in their wisdom agreed to eliminate PT wage progression.

    I wouldn’t touch a PT position here anymore.