"On topic" should i be calling H.R.

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  1. brownup2day

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    ok here is the deal, i started working for ups in nov of '06 i work preload and off and on local sort for 4 straight years. Then in late feb early march of '10 i left and returned feb '11. and since then still employed, what im trying to find out is my where should my vacation time be. On the vacation chart it has me hire date from 2011 but on the company/fulltime list it has my '06 hire date. im just trying to see if i should be intitled to one more week this year plus backpay for the last couple years.
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    I would imagine that if you make a big deal about it, your seniority date will move to the 2011 hire date.
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  3. brownup2day

    brownup2day New Member

    true it not a big deal because should i still fall under the 10yr 3week rule. if so in 2 yrs ill have the 3 weeks but my main things is will the 2006 vs 20011 affect the retirement date.
  4. BadIdeaGuy

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    When you say you "left" in 2010, did you actually quit? Or did you have some sort of personal/medical leave of absence?

    In my local, I know we have a 5 year vesting period for the pension. Since you didn't have 5 years at the time of your departure, I'm not sure if they can use something like that to reset the clock.
    But my guess is you're royally screwed.

    If you quit, your seniority date, (as far as I understand), would change to when you attained seniority upon rehire.

    As to the back pay, even if you were in the right, I believe most locals limit you severely. At my local we are entitled to back pay for issues going back 60 days.
  5. brownup2day

    brownup2day New Member

    correct i actually quit for another job then return in feb '11 then turn fulltime driver dec. of '15
  6. BadIdeaGuy

    BadIdeaGuy Not mine, but it needed immortalizing.

    Shouldn't affect retirement, then.

    Your union pension is going to be based on years driving. Years part time are paid out (at least here), as a different pension run by the company.

    So you should talk with a steward to see if they have more details about whether or not you made whatever the minimum vesting period for your local is for part time work.

    That would be small, but you should at least ask about it.

    710 has a 25 and out policy for RPCDs, for your main pension. Are you under the national, or something else?
  7. MattM

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    Everything but union status and initiation fees around my way resets when one quits or is laid off for a set amount of time.

    I was seasonal years back and laid off for 2-3 months. My company hire date says one thing, while my vacation, insurance, and seniority says another.

    They may ask for back dues if you bring anything up. As far as they're concerned, nothing before 2011 exists. You may have an original hire date of 2006 but that doesn't mean much.

    That five year vested pension mark is crucial.

    Vacation wise, 2011 is where I'd say the company sees you as an employee.
  8. Brownslave688

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    You went full time in 2015. So you’ll retire in 2045 and you’re worried about this now