Once in a while FedEx will get something right

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Operational needs, Mar 8, 2014.

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    A hundred trucks? We had a funeral for a fallen courier years ago. We had about fifteen trucks and I thought that was a lot. Just can't picture a hundred truck long procession, must have been a very large station. Don't know the circumstances but R.I.P. fellow courier!
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    We did this years ago too, for a very young courier who suddenly passed away. We wore our White Shirts and epaulets and drove our trucks in her funeral procession. That was long ago.
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    a nice gesture (though the mere thought of such a spectacle occurring at my own funeral just absolutely mortifies me)

    I do have to make a comment about the article though. The author said it was done in order to "surprise the family".. really?...surprise the family???. We are talking about a funeral here, are we not? I thought it was done in order to honor their fellow co-worker. I guess I've just never heard of surprising people at funerals before....but I guess I've lived a sheltered existence.

    i'm hoping this was just amateurish writing on the author's part, because if that in fact was their true motive, then they were simply upholding a long-held Fed-Ex tradition of doing decent things for the wrong reasons.

    Many years ago, we had a courier lost to a vehicle accident at my station. Mgmt encouraged us to show up at the funeral in FedEx uniform and vehicles. (remember - this employee was killed at work in a FedEx vehicle)..To a person, we all immediately vetoed that idea - opting instead to drive there in our personal cars wearing our personal funeral-appropriate attire, fearing such a spectacle could be disrespectful and even traumatic to members of the bereaved family. Even though those were still considered "the good old days", we still weren't about to use a tragic occasion to put the company brand out there...especially considering the circumstances.
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    I'm surprised FedEx would sign-off on this...maybe they figure they need the good PR these days. I would also be horrified by this, and although it's certainly a nice gesture, hopefully they got the OK from the family. If he was killed on the job, totally wrong.