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    Hell its Friday night with not much to do, so lets stir the pot a bit.

    One UPS. The techno leader in the industry.

    So tell me, how does a company as large as UPS with all the integration of programs, Information services world wide, How is it that we have a payroll down in Texas that has a program all their own? One that does not comunicate with any other program at UPS?

    Take for instance. LAst week, we had a driver that got paid 8 hours over time, 41.59 hours regular straight time, .43 UPS school at straight time? Shoulda been 40 hours straight time with all the rest at overtime.

    Or mine. How is it that they only paid one weeks worth of benefit pay for November and one for December? And now that leaves me without any insurance in January and February? Even though I was totally accounted for every day of those months? What, they cant figure out how we are suposed to get paid? When is it that the most technologically advanced delivery company has problems with getting the people paid correctly each week?

    One UPS. But yet they treat drivers as a need to know comodity, and we just dont need to know. We are the last to know when things come down the pike. New services, hell the customer knows more and sooner than I do. Why? If you want me to sell the product and the company, why dont you let me have the proper tools and let me show you what I can do.

    One UPS? Then why are there so many fragmented parts to who we are and what we do? ITs almost like they are afraid to let us in on the party. HEll I clean up pretty good, put me in a tie and coat, and I can pass for upper management anywhere.

    One UPS. I guess that is like the beauty queen spilling her guts on nationwide TV saying if I win, I will push for world peace. Sounds like a winner, but lacking in substance.

    Lemme go sit in the hottub a while, and post back.

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    Who is this angry, bitter man? And what has he done with our jolly old dannyboy?
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    Easy there dannyb! Now you want your paycheck to be accurate? Grievance payments have become a cottage industry in my building. Many of the drivers depend on those payoffs for extra cash dont go rocking the boat.

    Mike Eskew is doing a he11 of a job. Since moving to CEO our stock is in the basement, service failures are at records highs, and FredX is now the Most Admired. Eskew was able to accomplish all that AND make sure payroll costs were increased.

    Mi-key! Mi-key! Mi-key!
  4. sounds like an inside job. was mikey and fredex buddy before he was ceo?that's what happens when you put a guy in power who is a bean counter. never spent a day in operations. so he does not even know what hard work is like. as long as the tip of his penceil is sharp.
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    Danny, less than 600 days to go. What's a few bucks among friends.
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    AT the center they have a pool going as to what I will do the day I no longer work there. Some of the ideas are

    Drive my P1000 down the interstate as far as the gas will take me.

    Go to the AM meeting and take off my uniform during the meeting. All of it.

    There are several others that I cant post due to this being a family site......

    Of course I would never do the first one, I love my customers too much.

    20 years ago, I was odds on favorite to be the driver to loose it and have a severe work place incident...Thank God for video machines that I worked over each night and a wife that understood....IT was a really tough place to work.

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    I hear ya d. Its called bureaucracy. Real frustrating at times just getting simple answers to simple questions.
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    beeten: Eskew wasn't a bean counter, he was an IE guy......with a engineering degree from Purdue.

    He probably set up your route, time studied it, etc...are you running scratch?
  10. same thing aint it? i've never run scratch. at least that's what i've been told the last 20 plus years.

    danny, me and you have something in common. there is a bet on me also. as far as what to do.
    i'd go with number two, and wear a thong!!!!
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    Ah what a day. 16.27 hours today. And that brings me to another "One UPS"

    AInt if so funny that UPS spends tens of thousands on a new p700 that has more power than any other vehicle, can pull just about any grade with no problem or decrease in speed.

    Then comes automotive and the tree huggers. Dont get me wrong, I like trees as much as the next guy. But to impress the upper crust at UPS, they figure they need to up the fuel economy. Now Im all for stretching the MPG's as much as anyone. But to throttle back the cars so that they take at least 5 seconds to start, any grade over 2-3% causes the car to slow way down, and on some grades on the interstate, below 40MPH. Hell even our tractors pulling doubles are passing me.

    Dont they understand that labor is the largest cost to the company. And the longer it takes me to get from point A to point B means more OT. So they are willing to pay me at least half an hour OT each day to increase fuel economy by 2-3%? Dont our delivery people ever count when the pencil pushers make those decisions? Im proud of our automotive cutting our costs for the company, but do they ever figure out what it costs delivery?

    Instead of all UPS groups working together for a common cause, there is each small group looking out only for themselves, not giving a flip about the next UPSer down the road that has to live with their decision.

    I think its hot tub time again.

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    Here we often say: UPS isnt one team working together. Its many teams all working against one another.
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    I often wondered why the company had the slowest gas pumps I've ever seen. It takes so long to fuel the car, all while collecting overtime pay. You could save close to a dollar a gallon on gas by buying modern pumps like all gas stations use.
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    sendagain:do you still fuel your car? We stop pumping gas at the pumps a long time ago. A parttimer does it. Exception being us with diesels. We have no diesel pumps at our center.
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    That reminds me. We had a driver once pull away from the pumps with the nozzle still in the pkg car. Needless to say he pull the pump out of the ground when the nozzle got wedged in the car. Just a few months later that driver went into driver supervision. Made one heck of a driver supervisor.
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    Hey dont make fun of us people who pull away with the nozzle attached!!!!
    Been there done it, last yr, a week before my 10 yr safe driving.......

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    Or like today. Have a bulk stop that gets 1600-1800 returns each day. Our fine overgoods departments all without fail cover the barcode with their lables. That means you have to read the writing on the lable, and many times you get a non valid barcode message each time you enter one. Now multiply that times 50 to 200 a day, all because of the way they were trained. Trained by whom? And why were they trained to cover the barcode?

    Now not only does it take many hours extra, but we will pay claims for the ones that we cant show being delivered. Not to mention they become service failures because of no scans.

    Oh well........

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    I love it when they cover the level of service at the top of the barcode, and you deliver a NDA at 6pm. Now we have to check the numbers too after they took away the color. Its not enough to look at the level you have to read the freaking barcode #
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    i do ECS when the person doing it is out or on vacation. I always try NOT to cover any labels, but i see them all the time when people do that. They dont think of the drivers.[​IMG]
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    It is the middle of summer..why are you being forced to work so many hours???
    UPS should know that it is cheaper to use a new hire on the road and pay them straight time instead of paying you all the overtime.
    File that greivance!! I did!