Only in America...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Jones, Feb 5, 2014.

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    George wanted to fight Kanye, but Kanye is too chicken!! The Game wanted to fight George too.

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    I seriously doubt that Kanye is afraid of George but he doesn't need the money like George and DMX do.
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    Kanye is afraid of Kim too!!!
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    George couldn't get out of a fight with a skittles-wielding assailant without resorting to the gun, now he wants to box on TV?

    I hope, on principle, that if the match happens, GZ gets the daylights beaten out of him.

    Only in America indeed.
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    Wouldn't we rather watch Marissa Tomei and Kim Kardashian battle to the "sweat drenched and scantily clad"?
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    Coco Austen and Holly battling for the part in Peep Show in Vegas.
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    A former catering worker who identifies as neither female or male is suing Bon Appetit Management Co. for $518,000, claiming co-workers referred to the employee as a female though repeatedly being asked to stop.

    Valeria Jones alleges in a lawsuit that co-workers repeatedly called Jones “miss,” “lady” and “little lady” despite explanations that Jones “was not a female or a male and that the term was unwelcome.”

    Workers also directly said Jones looked like a woman and made female celebrity comparisons, the suit states.

    The lawsuit, filed this week in Multnomah County Circuit Court, says Jones preferred to be addressed by a general neutral pronoun. The suit doesn’t identify the term.
    The suit seeks $18,682 in lost wages and benefits, and $500,000 for humiliation and suffering.
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    A former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy was sentenced today for repeatedly assaulting a woman, with whom he had a relationship, after she discovered on Christmas Day that he was sexually involved with another woman.
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    Seven-year-old Samaya Dillard wandered across major intersections, over a freeway and through a Natomas shopping center parking lot on a cold December day while her classmates at Jefferson Elementary School sharpened their reading skills.
    Her parents say that more than an hour passed before school officials realized the second-grader was missing. Another hour went by before Jefferson administrators notified Samaya’s parents and the police.
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    Are you saying Puxatawny Phil was wrong ????

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    I want to make some groundhog stew.
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    I killed that stupid rodent last night....but I wanna soak him in a marinade and grill more winter!
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    Oh, so he was right ?
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    Quote="moreluck, post: 1275387, member: 1246"]Oh, so he was right ?[/quote]