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    In the aftermath of the snow storm Saturday night my center which is running on a generator they brought in last night decided to send out 26 routes out of about 120. I worked 6 1/2 hours went out with 104 stops and brought back more than 40. I spent the day dodging downed wires, trees and going to business that are closed because the most of the area we cover doesn't have power.

    All week should be cluster they sat on 7 long boxes today and the road condition with the down wires and trees should be just about the same and they are saying it could be a week before power is restored.

    Then to top it off they tell us to leave all the EC on are car and set them up for tomorrow. However, the EDD will different tomorrow and the packages we didn't deliver today most likely will not be in the EDD tomorrow as they will not be scanned in morning. Either that or all the packages we had to even the ones we delivered will be in the EDD so we will be searching for packages that are not even in are cars.
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    i wore shorts to work today
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    As long as the preload scans all of the packages left in car using a GSS scanner then the packages should show up in DPS and once boards are downloaded for the day should show in EDD. Does your center use PAL labels (labels showing bay # and shelf#)? If so, they should be scanning the packages in the morning before the preload so they show in EDD.
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    As did I.
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    that sounds like good logistics to me.
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    My building has a 8 hr FT preload shift as I said 120 plus routes on any given day. Yes we have pal labels have had them for years. However going in each vehicle and scanning the packages left in the car has never happen and isn't going to happen tonight or any day this week or in the future. This problem could be fixed by unloading the cars that went out and re-scanning the packages package during the pre-load but in order to save time and meet unrealistic numbers the rest of the week is going to be a cluster.
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    Yep! Its called doing more with less.
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    It probably looks great on paper just like every other great plan management come up with. The execution of such plan never works out the same as the paper model.
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    I was kidding when I say logistics I really mean inept management. You gotta love the new ups.
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    Just be thankful it was not the same people that drew up the plans for the Normandy Invasion.
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    ya gotts love it step over a dollar to save a nickel.
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    Kinda like trying to fit a quarter through a dime. Lots of lube and some patience.
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    Unless you are a driver,,, then its called doing less with a lot more.... lol
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    Especially Dieppe, that was just like re looping,we have satellite photos of the area....
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    If that were the case you would all be working for DHL
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    ​So did I and I even broke out in a sweat.:hot4:
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    And a BFH!?!?!?!:happy-very:
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    I can only hope that the younger generation "gets" your adroit observation.
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    Are you sure about this?

    About midnight every night in my building (also in Massachusetts) a preloader using a portable Scanner and PAL Label Printer arrives before the Preload starts loading the package cars and goes through the entire building, and enters each and every package car, to re-scan the Send Agains, and any other packages lying about in the boxlines or on the belts or on carts or whatever. This is standard proceedure. It takes longer on snow days or semi-holidays when some businesses are closed, but it saves the packages from being further beat up going through The System again.
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    Don`t worry. Klein will be along sooner or later to tell us how being German would make us better.