Onroad Supe seems to resent the union

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I have been working for 3 years with a young onroad supe (who never drove). I have never had any problem with him, although he has made a few remarks showing that he doesn't have much respect for the union.

So here's the story. After working as a car washer for a year, I went back to driving because I need the money. I asked for long days (including going in early for EAMs) because I am trying to save up for something. I did one rural route for five weeks and had zero problems (i.e. nobody complained about my efficiency).

I got a new (more residential) route and was given very long days (like I requested) the first few days I did the route. I hadn't done the route in 20 years so I ran overallowed about an hour. While in the office looking at my planned day for the second day I did the new route, I saw that the planned was about 11.9 hours. I said "Wow, that is a really big planned day!" The supe said something to the effect of "Well, that's what happens when you run up the miles". I was beside myself, and I said "No, I wouldn't be running up the miles when I was struggling to get everything delivered that day". I still have no idea why he would accuse me of running up the miles, but I felt that this was a ridiculous accusation.

The next day, I brought it up that I would be running low on hours on Friday because I was working about 13.75 paid M-Th. He said that I would no longer be allowed to do EAMs because of this. I said, "No, I have the seniority. I will do EAMs." He said "No. You will have to file a grievance if you want to keep doing EAMs." When I argued with him, he kept insisting that I file a grievance for the EAM work. I later called the BA and talked to the Center Manager and they immediately said that, of course, I could still do EAMs due to the seniority issue.

The young supe also said "You aren't doing the job that we are paying you to do." I shot back that I was doing the job, and he said "Well, you're not doing the job efficiently." He was basing this on running over 1.15 hours with an 11.9 planned one day and running over 0.75 with a 12.1 planned on the second and third day that I did this new route.

I guess that we are expected to run scratch on a new route with a 12 hour planned day. He followed up by saying that if I couldn't run scratch, then something would have to change such as (1) not do EAMs, (2) not do my new bid route or (3) have a 3 day production ride.

The funny thing is that this exact same situation occurred three years ago on a different route. The same supe making the same complaints. He did go out with me for a three day production ride, but they aborted the production ride after the second day because we were going slower than when I was alone. He tried to trick me several times (trying to help find packages in the load, trying to convince me to spend a lot of my break time driving to the next stop) during the production ride, but I didn't fall for it.

So I was going to ask you guys and gals if you think that I should file a harassment grievance for his out of line comments. The Center Manager and BA said that I could do EAMs and not to worry about anything, to just keep doing my job.
File. Simple as.

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