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    Hi i'm a partime unloader and i have recently have gotten my 1 year not to long ago. I see i had 25hr vacation , Opw (Option Week) at 25hr, and OPD at 8. I dont miss anydays and needed the money. I figured id get 58 hours of paid time. But when i had my OPW 25hrs pay out i see on my time off viewer and pay stub that my vacation is now reset to 0 too. Are vacation and OPS the same. It also say its going to take me another 10 months before i earn the vacation back and ill Earn the OPW when they new year starts
    just wondering if this is a mistake
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    Check your contract. Most of the time you earn your first vacations after the first year. Go in and get them scheduled. I can't think of a contract that allows management to convert your vacation time into a payout automatically.
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    UPS make a mistake?

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    They did when they hired @Dragon
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    Here in the west where I'm at you can have the extra option week and option days paid out without taking the days off. But they make you sechedule and take your vacation (sometimes let you work through it after it's sheduled - but no pay out on demand). Start talking to supervisors and find the one that can help you out.
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    Your vacation should only be 20 hours and your option week is 25 and two option days at 8. You can get them paid out any time you want.
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    They paid my option week out automatically but still haven’t paid me my regular vacation hours out. Do they do that before the end of the year? I have a lot of hours saved up waiting for an extra check. Maybe I have to tell them to pay it out?
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    Why don't you sign the sheet telling them to sell your vacations back.
  11. Your first year you only get one week of vacation and one option day not you don't get an option week until I think 5+ years
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    Hope he hasn’t been holding his breath for a real answer Since December 2018
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    it's different all over the country. Where I'm at you get a week, option week and 5 option days after 1 year.