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    In central states, are optional holidays paid if they are not taken by ones anniversary date? This is for a full-time employee who started in 1999.
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  3. Shadow999

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    Do you know if this is referred to in the contract book?
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    Y would u not take the days is what I want to know.
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    I agree. Mine are always gone early.
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    How in the hell can you be employed for 13 years and not have a clue? Our Optional days run May to May. If you don't use them, yes you get paid,
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    Its the Central Region, Central states is the pension and healthe and welfare fund. And yes they run May to May and are paid if not used
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The current contract added optional days--we get paid for any unused optional and/or sick days.

    I normally run out of year before I run out of days.

    I will be "sick" on 10/1 and 11/5.
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    After 1997 optional holidays are by anniversary date. He did not get paid for a day. Just looking for confirmation that company has to pay. I have that now. Thankyou all for your comments.