OPW Hours?

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  1. Noticed on my pay stub since November that we now have a column for OPW hours.
    In addition to the Vacation hours, Personal days and sick days, that have always been there.
    Can someone explain to me what these are? I keep forgetting to ask my supervisor.
  2. doodoo brown

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    Option Week hours.
  3. Stupid question but whats the difference between optional days and vacation/sick/personal days.
    Been with UPS for 10 years and dont know the difference. I just received optional hours.
  4. Nimnim

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    As far as I know they're paid out the same just coded differently. For some odd reason the last couple years all my Option 3 days are coded in the system as sick days, but I still get paid the same amount of time for them.
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    This started showing up on our checks after we were allowed to split our option week into single days a couple of years ago. Check will show 50 OPW and when you take a day off the next check will show 40 OPW etc.
  6. brownrod

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    Here vacation is a 45 hour paid week you are required to take off.
    And option week is 40 paid hours that you can cash out or take off if you want.
    Option days are 8 hour paid days you take off at random times or cash out.
    Sick days are obvious.