OSHA Heat Rule-making Progress Being Made


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Have you considered drinking water? Cutting down on the booze and Monster / Red Bull / etc? Have you tried not being fat?

I’m just saying bc all of these things have worked for me. I don’t need help from OSHA, not that some line of text in a rulebook nobody reads or follows is actually helpful in the first place.


We get a half hour lunch break unpaid, and a 10 minute break paid and hardly anybody takes the 10 minute break I doubt anyone would use the 15 minutes either because they just wanna go home.
Are they transferable? I’ll take everyone’s lol. I get to go home at 14hrs either way. 15 Every 2 hours is about 1.5hrs less work I gotta do that’s about 8-10stops I’ll have to give up.


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How did the pre-air conditioning generation survive working in hot conditions much worse than anything a UPS driver faces? Oh yea, they were men.