Other Bigotry


Debate on the use of Nazi language and Graphics has recently come up. The latest being prompted by Susan using a Cartman avatar wearing a nazi uniform and Nazi armband. This being selected shortly after Dannyboy objected to her use of the phrase Sieg Heil as being offensive. How do you feel on the subject of "other bigotry"?


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I for one think it shows a lack of class. But then again, you are not talking about a classy person to begin with, but someone that is classless. Someone that enjoys bringing out the worst in other people, and will keep pushing buttons until she gets what she wants.



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When I think of bigotry, I can apply a phrase from my old catechism classes....

Always was...
Always will be....
And always remains the same......


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Every time I think that she has hit bottom, Susie manages to surprise me. Cheryl, I find her avatar completely offensive and over the line. She has alraedy had one picture banned by you. If this keeps up it might be time to take another poll in regards to her.


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While I agree with you on the avatar, My thoughts still say do not ban. That is the beginning of a slippery slope, one that I would hate to have Cheryl traverse. While I think something needs to be done, I am not sure what.

But then of course, with Susie's actions, I think she is intentionally inciting trouble here so she will have to ban her.

Shame, while I value her thoughts, her delivery sucks.