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    From time to time on the Browncafe , I seem to come across different threads pretty much on a daily basis as to which an individual has no clue , or is OUT OF THE LOOP on how the most basic and fundemental rules and circumstances applies to situations within the workplace . I f , you can find this website you must be smart enough to know that researching and putting forth an effort to learn about your workplace is a priority . My question to the ones asking the most basic ,simplest questions is #1 , do you read your contract ? , #2 do you comprehend the langauge in the contract ? , #3 did you know you had a contract ? , #4 did you know you have a business agent at yur local union that can answer everyone of your questions , also you should have a union steward at your facility that can help you with such trivial questions as well . The reason I ask these questions is , you come to this website and ask questions that #1 you shouldve applied yourself into researching through the contract and your local business agent /and or union steward for advice in YOUR LOCAL . not that we on this website cant answer most if not all of your questions , but in this day and age , there is a whole lot of trolling and misleading individuals who are here to misadvise and belittle you and the union's agenda . Please do yourself a favor and ask your local business agent/union steward for a contract book , and do your homework , learn the langauge , research the articles . Find out the basics and fundementals of the contract . When you come here asking why a junior member (a fellow employee/co-worker) gets to leave before you when you have more seniorty , we know you havent a clue , and have not applied yourself . I used that example as a reference , that follows with sme of the most ridiculous questions . Yes , sure we can answer your questions all day long , but dont you want to know for yourself so you can defend yourself if a problem is presented . Start with your Wiengarten rights ,learn this , hell just google it . As a steward for 16 years at a major hub in the south , I have been apart of every imaginable situation that has existed and pretty knowlegable of our contract , point being it took my own vested time in learning and researching and battling with the company to handle the best intrest of my fellow brothers and my own problems for positive outcomes and earning reespect with the company so that the company does not try me , or my brothers with some bullshyt . Help us help you , dont be afraid to learn something by reading and writing .
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    Feel better? :winks:
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    I'd feel better if he knew what a paragraph break was. ¶
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    I think he does, But he is 100% right. We come here to chat see whats going on around the country. It's bad when people don't read the contract, and company knows who knows what, they pick and choose what they can away with.. and who with
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    If I had the inclination, I would fix the OP.

    I don't.
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    If they don't come here...then we don't have anything to chat about!!
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    It's basic english, apparently it's not being taught anymore.
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