Outraged at this blatant abuse of power!

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    This is my first time posting anything on this site. A friend of mine introduced me to the site and i found it interesting but never really gave it much thought afterward until now. So here goes, lets see what you guys think..... Someone with less than four years seniority is being considered for a position a a tcd. Not to uncommon right? heres the kicker. this individual, who prior to this has admitted to not signing the bid list, is now all of a sudden being picked to go to driving school and to take his dot physical. there are others who signed the same list with almost twice as much seniority who did not even recieve a call for said bid. Big brother is a tcd who works more than eight hours everyday while others with less seniority are sent home. After passing said dot physical "dad" who is a full time pds supervisor by the way, brings the younger brother who just passed his dot onto the yard outside of work hours to show him how to drive a package car prior to his driving test(off the clock mind you, when noone else is in the hub. unfair advantage and abuse of power?) me thinks so! So my question is this what recourse if any is there. Are seniority and the contract to be completely disregarded because daddy's little boys need to drive more than anyone else? Maybe this is all just a coincidence but all of these things fall into place too neatly for it to be so... now ladies and gentlemen, your thoughts on this subject.
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    File a grievance immediately!!
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    so who files all of the guys being sent home or just the ones foresaken on the bid list. ithink this is much bigger than just a grievance and needs to be immediately and aggressively investigated. obviously there are greater forces at work here his name was not on this list. it may be now due to dads power of persuasion since he rubs elbows with the people in hr. And what comes of him being on property driving company property on without being certified or someone who is certified to train him.
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    The highest seniority that signed the bid sheet. Lord knows, I have no problems with most confrontations, but I would let the grievance procedure reveal the underlying issues of nepotism. This is a very hot potato that could burn you very easily. Tip toe on this one.
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    Posting to an internet message board will accomplish nothing.

    Gather the pertinent evidence and go to your union hall.


    I agree this may burn you quicker than you make your case, I can almost guarantee the Union Stewards are aware of what is going on and be very careful on how you present the case because like I know for a fact noone likes a complainer I am a fine example of that, i should have been driving a long time agao, instead I got frustrated and blacklisted and said enough is enough after Local Sort Sup. for 5 years. Good Luck! You may want to think twice!
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    Too bad, I bet no-one has the cajones to say anything about this.
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    I have heard of part-timers losing cases like this because the bid list posted (part-time to full-time pool bid) was not time and date stamped and signed off by the Union (steward). This error allowed for "reasonable doubt" and the person who didn't sign the list was allowed to take the driving position. However, in these cases, the person getting the driving job was the most senior. Not the case here.

    I would definitely have all the part-time employees who are on the list (and have more seniority) file a grievance with your Local. Keep track of his hours so that the aggrieved employee can file a grievance and get paid for the hours he lost. Once you win you case and the hours lost grievance is settled, file for penalty pay after 10 days on any shortage if it qualifies. Use the contract all the way. Heck, try to get Article 13 in there if you think you can. I know his Dad is not a driver but he certainly had an unauthorized passenger in the UPS vehicle who was not on duty.
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    a couple of questions...

    1) How many positions are open?
    2) The other employee's that signed the bid list, are they qualified? No tickets (DUI - reckless driving), passed the road test, got a DOT card etc, etc. You would be amazed how many people sign a bid list and are not qualified.
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    I appreciate everyones input and all of my shop stewards are now aware of the situation. Since when does a DUI DQ someone from drving. I've seen guys get one get recycled to the hub for a month then go back on roAd. I haven't got a shot at going driving since I myself am a pArt time sup but somethings gotta give. Ups continues to screw people over just because they know they can. Especially here in the south where the good ole boy system is still alive and well. If someone like a part time sup has to jump through all kinds of hoops to become a driver or a full rme sup then everyone should be held to the same stAndards. Not to mention junior just got 100 demerits on said driving test. A little too close for comfort aka known as the good ole boy curve.
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    If I have to matters into my own hands and email the president of the teamsters I will. I'm sure his ears are ringing at the very mention of this
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    Dragon is right. Alot of employees sign the intent sheet who aren't qualified....it is an INTENT sheet, not a bid, although it is won by seniority. That intent sheet has to be kept in the office on file to be presented at a hearing if requested. Did anyone else (that you are friends with) see the sheet as it was taken down that will attest to what you are saying? If so, call the Ethics 800 number (anonymusly if you want to) and have it investigated. (Call from a phone other than one in your name because an 800 number gets billed with an itemized list of the phone #s, time of your call, minutes, etc. and even tho the UPS doesn't own the company that takes your call they MAY get a list of the 800 calls for "billing" purposes.) Also, if no one "qualified" signed the sheet, could the management have called this guy into the office after the sheet came down and have him sigh his name? Without the steward present and after the sheet came down, it is illegal. Just a heads-up in case his name mysteriously appeared on the intent sheet.

    If you're a sup, either no one else wanted your job when you crossed over into mgmnt or you are there because you have the backbone and ability to direct workers in a tough business. So just maybe some other company beside UPS is looking for someone with your qualities. Someone who appreciates an honest employee. Look around, this may be just a stepping stone job for you.
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    You do not have to have a dot card to qualify. If you have a clean driving record for the past 36 months, and are next in line to drive, you have earned the right to try. They must give you the opportunity to go to school and prove yourself in the next 30 days out of 90. If you do your job correctly, not do the job with whatever crap they decide to tell you to do, you win the bid.
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    Don't bet on that one.