Over dispatched and sups taken stops off me

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  1. If I'm overdispatched and a sup meets me to take stops off me so I can do another drivers pickups (who is also overdispatched) do I have to give him stops? Can I refuse to do the other drivers pickups and keep the work that they already have given.
  2. Cementups

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    work as directed.
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    Work as directed, file a grievance later since its a contract violation.
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    I would also find out if there were hourlies at home who could have been working and if there were, file a grievance against the sup for doing the work of an hourly. Sups should only be utilized if the list of hourlies are exhausted.
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    Billions spent on dispatch technology and every afternoon the Supes scramble trying to fix a failed plan.
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    Remember, we love logistics!!!
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    Tell him it's your work and you want to keep it. Ask if he's a dues paying member who's up to date on dues. When he says give him the work anyway tell him your are filing and include that you want to be paid double time for the hours he worked and that he needs to pay dues for the month in question.
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    I'm going to start doing that in the building.

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    See this Sup knows that you won't file a grievance and I bet the other driver would so he uses you to get around the contract. I've heard of this being done in my barn
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    It's peak season. They can work. That's how they get around it.
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    Typical mgnt, delaying you by transfering lots of boxes, edd transfer, when he could have made the pu's, and no one would have been delayed. You must have been getting a lot more work than he was taking off you.
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    There is a section in the DIAD where we can enter the amount of pieces that were transferred. We get a little time for it. Not much but enough to show accountability.
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    Only if all available hourly employees are exhausted. Then, and only then, can management be working without penalty.
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    I smile and count every package they take. As they are pulling away I'm calling my rep. Getting paid for not even delivering packages is even better. They don't make that mistake with me anymore.
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    1 word GRIEVANCE
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    What do you consider overdispatched?
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    & if you have language about it, add Pension and Health & Welfare contributions.