Overpaying union dues. Refund?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SatansDank, Jan 17, 2012.

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    i have been working as an unloader since april 2011, i have paid my initiation fee but yet $45 is still getting taken out monthly for union dues. i only make $9.50 hr, something is not right because nobody i work with is getting this much taken out and most of them make more than me. after i contact HR, payroll and what not is there a chance that they will refund me the extra money they have been taking out?

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    I thought no one would ever screw with Satan's Dank. :rofl: (couldn't help myself)

    Contact your local union hall. HR and Payroll have no control over what the union has told them to deduct.
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    Satan is going to hell.
  4. ORLY!?!

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    Its another reason why I wont pay dues. They keep taking and taking. They will call it your first union dues or your induction fees.

    As if Fedral tax, medicare and other fees dont matter. 2.5% of your paycheck and starting fees apply to the union. Its really is a joke, because they wont help you nor discourse from filing anyways for help. For me, I would look for the payback and ask not to pay dues overall. Forget the union, they only lookout for themselves. For a piss poor job you might have, its the right thing to do.
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    How much is your Initiation Fee? How much is your monthly dues?

    I don't know when you should be all caught up, but if you were paying your Initiation Fee on the "installment plan," when you have finally paid it in full, then you have to pay back dues on the "installment plan" until you are all caught up on back dues as well. Then you pay the current month's dues.

    If you overpaid, you can get the overpayment refunded to you by contacting your Local Union Secretary-Treasurer listed on the letterhead of the Union Bulletin Board in your building.
  6. SatansDank

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    Got ahold of local union number, talked to a very apologetic someone. getting a check in the mail for 300$ in overpaid union dues, been paying 19$ extra every month and nobody knew why !LOLZ!.

    thanks guys!
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    OMG!!!! That's BS! It is sad you have to audit the union as much as you audit UPS.

    I am glad it is all straightened out for you Satan. Welcome to Brown Cafe.
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    If this was the unions fault did you demand the check Next Day Air like we are told to if the company screws up?
  9. UPSGUY72

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    It's not 2.5% of your check dues are about 2 1/2 hour of pay a month. In my case it work out to $85 a month. It is some of the best money I will every spend.