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    My family and I are moving to the Charlotte area in NC. What exactly do I have to go through to get a transfer. I sighted out the area and they have an air hub with openings which is the closest center. How much right if any do I have to pick the location I move to?

    Should I register for a community college class or two? If so should I tell HR it's an education transfer from the getgo? I'm sure another air hub would be happy to take me in, as I am already a certified K-Loader operator, marshaller, have 4 1/2 years experience, and am planning to push for Pushback tractor training before I leave.

    How does it affect my seniority exactly? Do I get placed on in the middle of the center's seniority list for shift bids and such?

    And does anybody know what a Part/Full Time Dockworker job is? Also exists in the same building but with no openings.
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    Transfers are for educational purposes only. When I transfered I was told by the HR Rep that all I needed is a copy of an acceptance letter to the college was "supposedly going to be attending" and a hand written letter stating that I wanted to transfer for educational purposes and where. You shouldn't need to give them a copy of your class schedule but if you do just tell them it's too soon to even register for classes. Transfers go to the bottom of the new building's seniority list but keep their pay and vacations. When I transfered I was treated as the new guy even though I had more company seniority then most of the guys in my current building. I think UPS's transfer policy is a joke. It sucks having to go to the bottom of the seniority list.
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    If it's not an educational transfer, I believe you have to quit and reapply. They only transfer in a hardship case, even then it's nearly impossible. IT IS A JOKE. I guess they would rather take a new hire off the street with no experience.
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    Everything is based on your new seniority date. That date will be your first day in the new building. It applys to everything. Including full-time jobs. I sucks. I have more company seniority than the bottom 5 drivers here but since I transfered my seniority in the first building didn't count so they were hired full-time before me. You'll pick last for vacations but you'll still have the amount of weeks you would have had if you had stayed in the hub. Pay will be determined by your original hire date too.
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    Educational transfer would be the best way to go. But it will take a while to get the transfer completed. It took a couple of months for me to finally get transferred. Our HR department SUCKS. UPS claims to value its employees so much, but when it comes down to it, the employees are not among the top priorities. UPS says safety first... ha, that is so much bull****. They do not actually care about the employees safety, they just care about DART injuries and meeting the monthly plan. It's all about the money, not the people.