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    Ok I know this has been discussed some on here and I read over some of the threads and just finished reading the contract. There really is no good wording on this subject its left totally up to the individual districts. We just had a PCM friday that they will no longer be putting fans in package cars at request and will even be removing the existing ones. The reasoning was that they are a fire hazard. I personally don't believe it's the fans that are a fire hazard it's the 30 year old wiring in the old as dirt package cars that are a fire hazard. The real reason I started the thread was to get a feel for whose districts out there allow and whose don't and also do you believe we need some type of specific wording on this in the next contract. Personally I don't need a fan i drive 200 plus miles a day and get plenty of air flow but the guys/gals that are in town and only drive 20 to 30 a day and run off 150 plus stops a day get no air flow and die during the summer.
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    You can take my fan when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Not really but that sounded good.
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    Just one more thing to lower moral. I was actually surprised in the mid 90's when they started installing them.


    Its a lie! How is a fan anymore of a fire hazard then all the wires they have strung everywhere for telematics? If they are properly wired there is little risk for fire.
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    Next thing you know they will be saying we need to drive around with both doors closed for aerodynamic fuel savings. When I read stuff like this it truly boggles my mind. And $20 says it's coming down from some corporate drone who keeps a space heater under his desk, FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS, because the AC in his office is too cold.
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    When I first saw this thread I was puzzled. Why would someone like pkg. cars?
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    that was my first thought!!!!!
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    I have people wave to me all day long---some of them even use all of their fingers.
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    What you don't understand is, they are waving goodbye.
    Makes them very happy!
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    FAN?!?!?! WTH is that?? Haven't used one in the 6 1/2 years that I've been driving.
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    They just blow hot air anyway.
    Kinda like a supervisor.
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    We clocked 125degrees in the back of a package car last year on a 97degree day. It still amazes me that we have yet to come up with a real solution to create air flow in the back of the package car. Ah well, I guess until someone has a serious issue one day, much like with other things, it's going to be business as usual.
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    I often wonder why they can't install larger vents like the ones to the side of the driver's feet & the overhead one's, and install larger versions in the back of the PC's. You would have SOME air flow while driving so the back of the truck might only be a FEW degrees hotter rather than be 20+ degrees hotter than the cab.

    Just talking about the heat is already making me dread summer.
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    I know in my building we received a bunch of California trucks that had fans and the mechanics were told to remove them before any drivers saw them. As we all would be asking why don't we have them!! Seems nuts but I agree the newer trucks have wider cabs and get more air flow, but I drive a 1997 P-10 and the cab is small and there is now air flow! Last year it we had a lot of over 100 degree days and I was so hot. I am buying a fan this year
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    Bubbles, right?
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    Just like a baby goo - goo'ing and ga - ga'ing. :happy2:
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    hehehehehehehehehe :winks:
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    I've been hacked! Have decided not to press charges. A trade, perhaps?
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    Hacked?!?! As in a cat 'hacking' a hairball?

    Just askin.........................................