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    Over the last few weeks a driver gets shot, one gets stabbed and another dies when a truck plows into him head on. The CEO might have cut himself shaving or maybe got a paper cut thumbing through his wallet. I will say a UPS driver could never be called overpaid having to deal with the possibility of going to work and coming home that night not in one piece or in one piece but in bad shape after a day of dealing with the public. Also just getting behind the wheel of any vehicle puts your life in jeopardy every time you do it and a driver does it all day long. UPS driver will never be paid enough as far as I'm concerned.
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    Re: CEO

    I agree, but some do not. Check out the thread about if drivers are overpaid, pretty sad.
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    of course you feel that way - everyone should always want more money. i drive around all day long, every day, putting my life in danger for this company. i deal with the public, just not in a package car. maybe I should get a raise too?!?
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    Does your desk have a 3 point seat belt? :wink2:
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    Yes but please don't tell soberups about it.

    Do sale people even have desks these days?
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    no, but it does have an XM radio....score!
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    i have a workspace. it has a a phone on it and a picture my wife.

    i have a home office that i work from at night. UPS will not domicile me from home, though...they would pay less mileage, that is for sure. i drive 30 miles to the building, then 45 miles straight back to get to my sales territory.
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    Yep ... we are not very progressive about that kind of thinking.
    Welcome to the 80's.
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    I had a bankrobbery during my run . A bank that I normally go to 3 times a week in average.
    That day I didn't have anything for them.
    But, the second time I drove by, seen a dozen cop cars there, road closure, etc.
    Thought, holy cow, I could have been inside it at that time.

    And to this date, I still wonder how I would have finished my day (if I was caught inside), or even finished my week, or even if I would just quit.

    And I wonder how UPS would deal with it, if I needed longer time off work, then they expect.
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    sounds like an alibi
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    lol :happy2:
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    Going from Panera bread to Starbucks is not considered driving around dealing with the public!:surprised:
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    Just wondering salesguy. Do you see 150 to 200 companies every day. Drivers do that all day long. I'm not feeling your pain!!
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    My opinion of the violence not only with UPS employees, but the public in general is a result of the economy. Some people are desperate, others are on drugs, and others are out of their minds.

    I either read or hear on the news, of men killing thier families, committing suicide, shoot out with the cops, and other depressing news.

    I don't know what UPS can do, it's not their fault, it's not UPS's or the drivers intention to be in harm's way. It the social-economic conditions of the country at this time.

    Violence is increasing, as scary as it is, it seems like lawlessness is upon us.

    What an employee is paid at any company has nothing to do with being a victim of a senseless crime.
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    My package car has Sirius so we're even.
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  17. Re-Raise

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    If our salespeople worked at a pace even close to that of a package car driver we wouldn't need to to go through Newport News with our sales leads. They should be able to visit every lead in person.
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    i dont think i could maximize my sales time stopping at each customer for 12 seconds or whatever insane number they give you all!
  19. Re-Raise

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    Maybe if you used proper methods:happy2:
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    Oh please. Give us a brake