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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Shift 2, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Most people don't get the mental strain part of the job(especially when you are a new driver) but you need to hang in there. It actually gets a lot easier. It helps to talk to some of the guys that have been around a while. They ALL have stories of misdeliveries and crazy deliveries.
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    lmao some run sped up 3 blocks from the house i delivered to, to tell me it goes to the neighbor house NEXT DOOR like wtf it’s storming raining at night as well
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  3. BleedBrownandGold

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    Go recover the packages if you can and deliver them to the right house. Either way there will be a DFU and you will have to deal with it. I've delivered to a wrong house on a shared driveway with the front doors like 15 feet apart and the customer wouldn't take it to the right house.
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    I've done it in and out of packet. My only punishment was a driver follow up.
  6. proyer

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    If you recover packages and deliver to correct address there should be no follow up because the customer has their package.
    I’ve done this before and fixed it myself and no problems or DFU. Even if customer calls it in you can fix it.
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    Question though. Do you void out the original scan? If not the GPS scan will still show in the original (wrong) spot. You gotta re-sheet at the right spot my G.
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    If you don’t like the job at the pace it will not change much.

    I tell all new hires if you are willing to work that hard and do not like the grind at UPS start your own company. I will guarantee more success i.e. money at any job at that pace, plumber, mow grass. window washer, fill in the blank.
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    I am actually more surprised that you found two adjacent streets that had the same house numbers.
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    Al has to do with the post master at the time the houses were built. I have a few streets that share house numbers in-city. The newer comstruction usually has different numbers.