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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by udaOzzy, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. udaOzzy

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    I'm supposed to be going in tonight for a tour around the facility. However, I've become worried that I may not be cut out for this job. You see, I'm not what you would call "in shape". Is this going to be a major problem? Should I even go?

    Also, I've been wondering what it is Package handlers actually do. I know they unload the trucks/semis. But, I've also heard about sorting. Would I be able to just sort? Is that less physical?
  2. SnowCitizen

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    It doesn't hurt to go check out the facility. I am significantly overweight and have made it three years so far doing loading and sorting.

    If you are motivated to do the job, weight is a minor issue.
  3. udaOzzy

    udaOzzy New Member

    Thanks, that helped ease my nerves somewhat. I definitely have the motivation.
  4. Don't worry, once you get into it all that weight will come off. I started weighing 240lbs and now Im down to 215.
  5. udaOzzy

    udaOzzy New Member

    Awesome. Can someone answer me on what it is they actual do? I've done some research and I'm still a little confused. I know that they unload/load the trucks/semis. But what about this sorting thing I hear about? Is that another job altogether? I applied for the 9PM to 3AM shift, if that helps.
  6. tritese

    tritese tritese

    don't let your weight scare you away.......this job will help with that.......i know plenty of folks that had extra pounds when they started working at ups.........just hang in there........don't quit once you start the job!!
  7. tribefan83

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    unloaders are in the trailers, only job is to empty the truck... sorters get those pkgs & read the zip code. it's a "skilled" job, though... extra $1/hr in some places.
  8. Rayver723

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    I have a similar question. How strict are they with how much weight a person is able to handle and carry. I sort of have a " disability" with my right arm. I am able to do most activities like play sports, carrying things isnt an issue, but maybe larger, wider packages might be a problem. should i let them know during an interview? How would this affect my chances? I still have yet to set up an interview, due to issues and anxiety with this. Maybe a less physical job might be better off? since i dont have much experience with this type of job before. i was just considering a night job and UPS/ FedEx seemed ideal withthe late night shifts. any help would be appreciated. also curious whats the avg age of most handlers? early-mid 20's?
  9. udaOzzy

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    From what I've read, 25-30 Lbs. You must be able to lift 70 lbs., but you can ask for help if you get one that size. On one job description page I've found, they mentioned that you must have full arm mobility, but I dunno how accurate that is. I would let them know, for safety reasons. As for how it might affect your chances, I'd try and play it off as no big deal at all, otherwise there isn't much you can do for your chances.

  10. Well in our facility the packages come off the truck onto a moving belt and from there they slide down this giant ramp (think a really really big playground slide) and from there a sorter picks up the package and looks at the address label and puts it in the corresponding bin. We dont have a 9-3am shift so I really dont know what you would be doing. Our twilight starts at 11pm to 3am and all we do is sort and at 330 we (those of us who work overtime) start loading our trucks. It sounds like you will be guys washing trucks and doing a little bit of unloading and sorting but maybe every building is different.
  11. udaOzzy

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    It's the Twilight shift, so I should be doing what you do. Awesome. Thanks for everyone's input. I feel much better about this now :)
  12. Ah ok, so yeah you will probaly be unloading the trailers and maybe do a bit of sorting.
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    At our twilight shift we unloaded the package cars and 26' trailers as well. Take plenty of water with you. You will probably go through 1/2 gallon at first. And be prepared to feel like your back if broken. It's not. You are just using muscles that most of us never used when we first started. If you get through your probationary period, you will find yourself a lot stronger than you are now and undoubtedly a little lighter. (Except when I got off that shift I went home and ate a ton of food I was so hungry!) Good luck!
  14. PassYouBy

    PassYouBy Unknown Acrobat

    I have to agree 100% with helenofcalifornia, I thought I was going to die the very first day..Which was on a Wednesday. Thank God I only worked 3 days that week in order to rest for the weekend. I only weight 161 pounds now and even when I started...I part time drive too after the preload and I can tell you, after working 12 hrs a day sorting/driving I could easily loose 10 lbs a week, and then gain it right back on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of protein and starches :)

    Don't let your weight hinder you from doing anything..Weighing only 160 lbs. bothers me sometimes as much as maybe some people who think they are overweight..All you can do is do your best and stay safe....


  15. Yeah, those camelbacks are a lifesaver. When we deployed to the Persian Gulf I wore one everyday working on the flight deck. I wish I still had mine.
  16. Rayver723

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    Do handlers have a required uniform to wear? the same uniform as the drivers? what does it include? Do they allow long sleeved polos or at least to wear thsoe logn sleeved thermals underneath?. Because this type of job seems like a orkout and physical, maybe wear those under armour shirts? i usually wear those during workouts to keep me cool
  17. PassYouBy

    PassYouBy Unknown Acrobat

    We do not have a required "uniform".. I wear shorts and T-Shirt with Under Armour.. You do need to have work boots (high top boots). This is in my center.. Not sure about other though.

    Not sure about Long sleeve.. Maybe a seasoned employee can clear that up for you.
  18. Fnix

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    there is no dress code in my center, not even shoes
  19. Nightloader7625

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    In my hub there is no dress code except you must wear work boots, that's it. And I see a lot off people in regular shoes, I don't know how they get by with it, but they do.
  20. JustAnOrdinaryLoader

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    Long time lurker... first time poster. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair of lightweight workboots with a reinforced toe. I've seen smashed and broken toes from loaders wearing tennis shoes and dropping a 65 pound box of nails on their foot. I've also found that snug fitting mechanics gloves work well to protect your hands.