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  1. Sweeper26

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    i would like to know how much a part time package handler gets paid
  2. hoser

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    1) this gets discussed way too often, noobs like you come to this forum and post this question daily
    2) do a search of the forum
    3) ask HR. because we can't tell you how much you'll make
  3. Keepingthemhonest

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    hoser is right, I can tell you this much though it's not enough :)

    (typically, unloader 8.50 then raises perodically up to $10/h in first year[90day(.50)+1year(.50) + skilled raise($1) if you get moved to sorter/preload ect...], but certain places have higher COLA and it is adjusted slightly)
  4. blue efficacy

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    You know it would have been quicker and easier for you to just answer the poor kid's question rather than to be a jerk...
  5. AznDiablo

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    $8.50 for Loader/Unloader $1 more for skilled Sorter/Preload
    $0.50 after 90 days and then an annual $0.50 raise after that
  6. blue efficacy

    blue efficacy Active Member

    .50 raise first three years, .75 raise at four years. That will complete your noob wage progression, at which point you will be on a seperate raise schedule determined by the contract where you will receive a raise on August 1st every year thereafter. I believe next year's raise is 1.20, plus a COLA (cost of living adjustment, if applicable)
  7. hoser

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    the OP is too lazy to do a search of the forum, starts a thread on his first post, and i'm the jerk? :confused:1

    if you read my carefully prepared post, i would have said that there's no way we can answer the question, as the wage varies. I make $12.80 to start doing the exact same work someone else earns $8.00 doing.

    i thought you would have noticed one of the 20+ threads we have over how much a package handler makes, but i guess not. i'll explain the process to you:

    someone whose too lazy to do a search comes on and starts a thread with a poorly written one sentence request asking how much he'll make as a package handler.

    poster number 2 says "you start at this level and work your way up to this level"

    then someone else says "oh in Dayton Ohio, you actually start at this level and work your way up to this level",

    then someone else says "in Belarus, we start at $3.80/hr to a max of $8.58/hr with ot paid after 5.2 hours".

    a simple use of the search function can save us from yet another one of these threads.

    now do you see where i'm coming from?
  8. onewing

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    I don't think you can even call it a salary
  9. Ground_Hub_Angel

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    I just started october 26th and work preload ground hub scanning packages, working as well in smalls, and workin on the color belts sorting and scanning the unscanned packages. They move me around alot!! I get paid 9.50 a hour. That was starting rate. Then i also work as a drivers helper part time at 10.00 a hr anything after 5 hrs is time and a half so i guess it just depends on where u work.

    P.S. when we start as permanent workers where i work we get 50 cent raise after the first 6 months and then 50 cent raise every year after that

    This just goes to show you as hoser sarcastically tried to express, different ups areas are different and pay different.

    Btw hoser must be a supervisor i dont work with any average employee who would be that power tripping and :censored2:-ish.

    This is a site for questions, and feedback. Not everyone can be a know-it-all and the rate of new employees especially now that its holidays who have questions and havent been on this site that long are countless. Tks.
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  10. onewing

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    I want to know what a "NOOB" is
  11. Ground_Hub_Angel

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    "NOOB" is a online term for the geeks and nerds. It's like noob, newbie, newb. It's someone who just basically is new to something that doesnt know that much about the sites or situations. I am a newb to this site for example. That doesnt mean i dont know alot of stuff as far as ups or whatever it just is a term saying that you are new. Most of the time its a insult, saying u dont know anything and u are a newbie.
  12. diadlover

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    Your question has already been answered on the other threads you've posted on. nOOb.
  13. hoser

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    Oh great, the 17 year old pre-load aNgEl with two days membership calls me a power-tripping a-hole in her hot-pink text, and attempts (poorly) to teach me proper forum etiquette. Do a search of "package handler", bask in the redunancy, and you'll (hopefully) have a better idea of why I wrote what I wrote.

    You won't make it with brown past February.
  14. Keepingthemhonest

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    I love her, seriously....marry me and take half of what I own
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    And this is, after, you looked at her myspace? One thing if she's a bombshell gymnast, but, uh, yeah... :taz:
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