Packages being stolen in our neighboorhood.

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    I'm part of nextdoor. I guess the pkg bandits are of the neighboors posted, "Call Ups, perhaps they have a plan to prevent this."Since I go out to my car every morning in brown. I am a driver. What is our respose to this.. I want to be correct if my neighboors ask me? I do not del for the hub I live in. I would say file a police report.
    The scary thing is. Her son coming home from school encountered the women w/ the pkg. handed it to him, saying I wanted to make sure you were home. then got in her car. A lexus he thought. As he watched from inside the house, She stopped in front of a couple other homes keeping up the charade. My next thing I would say, if you don't see the truck, and the are not wearing brown. call the police..My honey works from home, so I tell him when I'm expecting a pkg, and our street keeps a good lookout. The way our houses are situated it's hard to do a good DR. Front door narrow. pkgs can be seen from the street. side gates locked, in our case. and lot's of dogs, It's always been a very safe neighborhood. What is our policy besides calling the police? I know, go to the neighbor. but really 200 stops a day for me in my center. I don't have time.. I don't think our driver has time since sometimes when I'm getting home at 8pm. He's still out.. What do I tell my neighbors?? alot of them are techies who do not understand the concept of driving and delivery pkgs for a living. I can't say," I just want the pkgs out of my truck so I can go home." I think all the neighbors who have missing pkgs should file a police report.
    The problem is The police will not come out. I live in san jose, ca. They are understaffed. don't have time w/ the petty stuff.. Thanks
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    As soon as they report a stolen package to UPS, we will have a plan.
    That plan will be "signature required" for the rest of time to your house.

    ​Problem solved!
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    I'm not sure on UPS policy but I could come up with a damn good deterrent depending on what state you live in.

    If you'd prefer to avoid confrontation, however, I would suggest a small, inconspicuous surveillance camera focused on the area where packages are delivered or where a person would stand after ringing the doorbell to "ensure you're home to receive the package that they did not deliver." Ideally, a camera on both those spots and wherever this mystery Lexus would be likely to idle while waiting for the thief to return and make a quick getaway.

    My experience tells me that, where I live anyways, a confrontation will be the quickest and surest way to identify the thieves and then take action against them (or him or her).
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    Remember UPS is reactive not proactive.
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    It's the drivers fault.
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    ....hence the rear-view cameras....
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    Alert them to the situation and they are very proactive. OP, I hope we aren't the first UPSers to hear about this; that should have been your center manager, who could get in contact with the proper channels to pass word onto the hub whose delivery area you live in.

    The team on UPS' facebook page could also get someone on top of this asap. Please do something to protect our reputation.
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    Why are you steering your neighbors packages and then pointing the finger at someone else?
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    Did not understand that. clarify please..
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    And I was kidding. Carry on.