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    I have asked my Local Union Rep/ BA how to get reimbursed for the increased dental payments. He is still looking into it. I have to pay $1000+ out of pocket thru Humana for the same procedure that previously cost about $500 thru Aetna. How do we get reimbursement and where are the details to page 171 "UPS will cover the differential Central States Health and Welfare currently provides and what the employee had as a benefit prior to January 01, 2014?

    This can save employees hard earned money if we can post the specifics.

    I will email the Teamsters in DC soon but thought maybe there were answers here.

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    My Teamster Rep asked me to submit the difference between what Aetna would have paid and what Teamcare pays. I should be getting reimbursed from Central States for the difference. Some drivers in our center are paying over $100 for cleanings when it used to be $0 They will be requesting reimbursement also.

    Funny how Hoffa/hall stated that Dental remained the same; but it is buried in a Memorandum of Understanding with no mention of how to receive the same dental benefit.

    Spread the word.
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    Wow good luck. I'm afraid all of the stress and time it would take wouldn't be worth it to me.
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    I agree for a few bucks but when its in the hundreds or thousands range; I find it easier to deal with.

    Hoffa/hall should have a reimbursement document to fill out or some info on the Teamsters webpage.

    Mysteriously; I see no mention of it. When the Teamsters make it to difficult to get reimbursement; UPSers will not try. UPSers who do not know their rights will not exercise them. We are already putting in 50+ hours a week and the Teamsters know that most of us will not bother seeking the reimbursement entitled by the contract.

    I have no idea what the differential in Life Insurance or Short Term Disability that is afforded in the Memorandum of Understanding is. I am tired.
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    Check with your dentist and make sure they are in the Humana dental network. Mine wasn't when we switched, but when i contacted them about it they immediately made the necessary changes to make sure they stayed in network for me. Out of pocket expenses for dental procedures have remained the same as they were before.
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    $100+ for a dental cleaning? You need to find a new dentist.