Recieved payment for inferior benefits.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned out, May 5, 2015.

  1. browned out

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    I was notified my appeal of a dental benefit amount paid has been approved.
    $150.00 that would have come out of my pocket is now coming out of Teamcare's. Aetna would have paid more; the benefit is required to be matched=$150.00

    Any Dental Benefits that are not equal to what you had before 2014 will be reimbursed.

    Disability Payments thru Teamcare start on the 8th day of illness. Disability Payments thru Aetna or other previous plans started on the 4th day of illness. An appeal should be filed to get paid for the 4 days one is entitled too.

    I do not know what the differences in Life Insurance are.

    These benefits should be automatically applied but they are not. It is misleading in the contract. I feel it is a breach of contract. FILE AN APPEAL.

    Page 171 of the UPS contract states

    • 4. Short term disability, life insurance and dental benefits will first be provided through Central States Health & Welfare. UPS will cover the differential between what Central States Health & Welfare currently provides and what the employee had as a benefit prior to January 1, 2014
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  2. browned out

    browned out Active Member

    I have found the difference in what Teamcare pays for Life Insurance and what the UPS plan paid.

    Teamcare Basic Life Insurance and Teamcare Basic Accidental Death or Dismemberment pays $40,000.

    The benefit provided by the UPS plan previous to 2014 was up to a max of $100,000. If you had UPS benefits prior to 2014; you are entitled to the max of $100,000. 2080 hours X your hourly rate= around $70,000 for FT drivers.

    Make sure your spouse and or dependents know this. Teamcare does not automatically pay the difference in disability and dental. I don't think Teamcare will automatically pay the difference in Life Insurance benefits.

    10's of thousands of dollars will make a big difference.
  3. d-rek357

    d-rek357 Member

    How did you file for your reimbursement?
  4. browned out

    browned out Active Member

    I filed an appeal wuth Teamcare using the appeal form on teamcare website.
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  5. Bubblehead

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    But I thought Hoffa, hall and all of their talking heads on this site said that TeamCare would be the same as the company plan?
  6. 5habits100

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    I never heard or saw anything in writing that said it was going to be the same.
  7. browned out

    browned out Active Member

    Prior to the vote, we were given written benefits descriptions stating dental,disability, and life insurance would be the same.

    The deceitful teamster officials have cost the members thousands of $. It was never stated or implied that we would have to appeal or do anything to receive these equal benefits.
  8. crazyeyes

    crazyeyes New Member

    as good or better????? ......... listen to this