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    I have downloaded and read through the February panel docket from the national grievance committee. I find it astonishing that nearly 70 out of the 87 grievances heard were either referred back, deadlocked or denied. A lot of money was spent in Fort Lauder dale, Florida for such pitiful results. I was curious about these results and whether or not this was typical?
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    1) step out of the union.
    2) spend your union dues money on Powerball tickets. You'll probably have a better chance of winning.

    No, I'm not management, I'm a feeder driver that has seen the impotent union become even more so.
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    Don't they make cialise for being impotent???????
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    It makes me wonder what they were traded for. The Union is not afraid of UPS, nor do they just give up on grievances. With that in mind one should remember that UPS is not afraid of the union either, and doesn't want to just pay every time. To run a successful business they can't. It's all politics really. For example, let's say you're about to be article 50 for something. Well there may be some major money grievances for supervisors working. Perhaps they would trade off. Perhaps not this exact scenario but you get the jist. I wonder what kind of horse trading happened in Florida.

    TrickPony, sadly you may be right that the union is weaker than in the past. Unfortunately it's because of people that have the same views as you. The union can only be as strong as their members allow it to be. If the drivers do not stand together and stop all the narcissistic daily may always be weak. (ie) Drivers skipping lunch, and running through the route allowing management to expect those numbers and not put in more routes. To have a strong union it is everyones job to help it by reminding others to stay together. How successful do you think our military would be if they followed the same guidelines? I am not attacking you just reminding you what I bet you already for me and all for none doesn't work.
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    WOW, that is almost 80%.

    Where is the link?
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    Bear in mind that the panel you speak of is composed of 50% union and 50% company officials, so if the company so chooses they can deadlock everything. Its not a perfect system but its better than going into your bosses office on your knees to beg.
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