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    Anyone tried or passed the panel interview for Full Time Supervision??? If so what type of scenario's are on it and what other type pf questions?
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    it's five people (usually dressed in satanic costumes) each with a gun, 3 of the guns have a blank in it, the other 2 have live rounds. and if u pass, u live, if u fail, u are assassinated on site
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    That used to be true.

    Now they use five live rounds.....
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    I've been gone a couple of years, but use to be on panel interviews.

    Here's a few tips

    Be on time, be dressed appropiately, be polite, and speak with confidence.

    Take your time with the questions, put yourself in a management position when responding. So before answering, think of the question being asked as an hourly person, and then respond as if you were the management person.

    If you don't fully understand the question, ask for the question to be repeated.

    Good Luck

    And the two posters before me - well they just like having fun with newbies, a laugh a minute I tell you.:laughing::laughing::laughing:

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    Examples of proper responses to most questions.

    1. I would tell the driver he needs to step it up.
    2. I would warn the driver he doesn't want me on his car tommorrow.
    3. I would tell the driver "just keep going, we'll fix that tommorrow!"
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    First, I would make it clear that you have no personal life and don't forsee needing one in the future. This should go a long way in negating any questions you might answer inappropriately. Also , make it clear that you are very good at repeating orders from above and dodging questions that could possibly lead to making a decision on your own.

    That should about cover it. Good Luck!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Take away the satanic costumes sounds like a scene with Robert Deniro in Deer Hunter!
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    Sigh .....I guess we deserved those comments somewhere , somehow.

    The panel will test your ability to analyze various scenarios and provide a solution. As a rule if you look to communicate and or train first for normal every day type scenarios then you would probably be correct.
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    They ask you six basic questions and give you time to communicate your response. They are all scenarios that you could face with the union slugs
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    There is a role play during the panel interview (at least there was years ago). This is old, but who knows they still might use some variation of it:

    You assume the role of a management person
    One of your interviewers assumes the role of Joe Loader (employee with a 'tude problem)

    Joe Loader is telling offensive jokes around the work area and you catch wind of it. You call Joe Loader into your office to address the situation. Basically all you have to do is tell him he's acting inappropriately at the workplace (cite some rules like workplace harassment or something like that). Throw in some positive stuff such as "You are a good employee" to butter him up. Then you have to get him to commit to changing his behavior. The role player will resist once or twice just to give you a hard time but usually if you are persistent on the third attempt Joe Loader will commit to changing his behavior.
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    There will be no interview. They will simply put a mirror under your nose... If it fogs up, you are in.
  13. IWorkAsDirected

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    I have a ft supervisor who just became such in the last year, he does alot worse than tell offensive jokes, I've female, he's male and here are some of his comments. He cam up to me and offered a candy bar, (this by the way is normal and not just offered to me, I guess he feels it's an incentive to do good work) I said no thanks, I've just finally lost enough weight I can actually get my hands in my pockets. His reply? "ooh want to put them in mine?" This is only one example, I have all such comments written down in a notebook. Should have gotten him canned, but was afraid all would happen is they would have a little discussion, retraining, and promise not to do it anymore and in the meantime I would be a target for much worse treatment and retaliation. This same supervisor retaliated against another driver than he "thought" filed a greivance against him for working on the sort. He harassed him openly for weeks, put him in a crappy truck, constant supervision and harassment during the sort. We just went on preload, we can a driver preload prior to this week, we no longer have to see or interact with this supervisor, or at least not this week, and probably not much now that we just come in and drive out.

    What thoughts do you have on this? In my opinion if he was trained about that type of harassment maybe it gave him ideas? He is a backstabbing jerk and no one likes him, but because he perceives himself as such a stud he has the female division manager and our female center manager wrapped around his........ummmm.......finger?
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    If what you're saying is true, he needs to be "turned in". There is no place for behavior like that in any workplace. I don't think that UPS has much tolerance for such behavior. At least I'd hope not. This guy needs to be gone. And the sooner the better. To do nothing about it just empowers him and subject you and others to his verbal abuses. This guy is a "snake" and needs his head chopped off as soon as possible to keep him from spewing such venom.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    JT, you hit the nail on the head. Turn this guy in. Today.
  16. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    I would love to get rid of him, he is pretty worthless, but like I said he has the dm and center manager in his .........ummmm........pocket? I'm afraid I'd be making my last year a total hell if I did anything and I really don't believe they would can him. I have witnesses to these comments, in fact the steward couldn't figure out why I hadn't filed a grievance. But the grievance process would gurantee harrassment in my opinion. Because before I can file a grievance I have to go to the center manager and give her a chance to correct the problem. And you know the drill after that.
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    I work as directed,
    If you feel this way about the grievance there are other avenues.
    You should have a work place violence hotline posted at your center,all you have to do is call the number. They will send down someone to investigate the complaint,it will most likely be your higher up HR manager.Don't think they will come down and not treat you with suspicions etc., so be prepared to have fact sheet type statements from
    your witnesses and make sure you can count on them to be interviewed as well.If you can't locate the number I will gladly get it from our posting board.I had a center manager make a threatening comment to me one time and used the number.Like I said the interviewer never made me feel he wasn't 100% company but he did put the center manager back in check.I know he got reamed because later after it all blew over he made a comment in a post-conversation limiting his contact and referred to calling in on him.
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    WorkasDirected...turn in the guy. You do not have to go to your center manager. Call the help line (sorry don't have it in front of me), it should be posted around your work area. It is not answered in your district, but will be investigated by your local HR. This type of behavior is inappropriate and should not be ANYONE.
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    You have your answer....You need to report this person to HR. If you have witnesses who will make a statement they should accompany you or get the statement in writing to present to the HR Manager.

    The first thing you should do when this type of behavior takes place is tell the person to stop. Let them no you are uncomfortable with their behavior or comments etc. The longer you wait the tougher it will be on you if this guy escalates his behavior.

    The question will come up .... why did you wait so long? This is covered under the policy of "Violence In the Workplace". Each year management and in some cases non-mgmt have to be retrained. You have probably signed this document already. You have an obligation to yourself and others to get this on the record.

    Don't make any more excuses why you shouldn't go to HR ....just go! They also have an obligation to be discreet in their investigation. If you feel uncomfortable, bring a shop steward with you.