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  1. Lizzzow

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    Does anyone else have this on their route? It's a whole wall of different sized lockers in one of my new apartment buildings I deliver to. I am suppose to put people's packages in a secured locker instead of walking to their apartment door. It's kind of a neat idea. Saves me 20 mins walking around. Type in the apt number, verify name on touch screen, select size of locker and "poof" locker door pops open. The only problem is the extra large ones don't fit 1/4 of the packages I bring so I still have to walk to the apartment door for some. Mind u this is a large complex. I guess once I put the package in the locker and shut the door it sends a text to the receiver notifying them of their secured combination number to retrieve their package.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    DR Dropbox?
  3. Lizzzow

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    I've been DR other and type locker. My manager never heard of this system before I told them about it and said locker would be fine.
  4. Mr.UpsMan

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    I have one on a route I cover. It is great to drop 20 stops off at once.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Since you are not going to each apt, would it be 20 stops or just 1?
  6. Lizzzow

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    Scan, sheet it, stuff I'm locker, stop complete. Next package same thing. Each one is a stop because u type in the apt # when u scan package.
  7. Mr.UpsMan

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    It is 20 separate stops because each apt has it own address. Ex. 1301,1302 xxx street. Not 1301 apt 2. The leasing office takes the irregs and oversized boxes that do not fit in the lockers. They sign for all pkgs as well.
  8. BrownTexas

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    I'd get clarification from management before doing each individual stop. Sounds more like a duplicate to me. And I would be sure to not put anything in for the floors just the apartment number only.
  9. MendozaJ

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    Virtual doorman. Landlords don't have to pay for a human. Tenants don't have to tip. Drivers don't have to schlep through the building. Everybody wins.
  10. Savvy412

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    I have something like that . I love it be cause in my board it shows 25 stops extra haha
  11. Wally

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    Don't worry, he won't get fired right away, maybe suspension first.
  12. Savvy412

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    Ya but how do you punch in apt numbers if you do them all in 1 stop.

    Honestly though. Like can you ^^? That's why I do individual
  13. Turdferguson

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    How many stops are you doing?
  14. Savvy412

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    If you mean end of day

    200-220. Slow days like 180
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  15. Big Arrow Down...D

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    Sounds just like an Amazon locker...
  16. Turdferguson

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    Sounds high.
    You think that may be from the "extra" 25 stops you have?
  17. Peppermint Patty

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    I had one of these the other day I covered on a route. An apartment I had never been to. It was great never had to walk around aimlessly just went to the locker and delivered all 21 stops in different boxes. We have a ton of apartments in the area. i think its a great concept.
  18. Enjoy it while it last because management is going to give you more stops because you're "saving" 20 minutes. Then somethings going to go wrong with us or someone else delivering to the lockers and for some of the residents and you'll have to take everything to the office.

    Then the office is going to get tired of storing everyone's stuff so then they will only take packages for some but not for all or the building management will change and so will their policy and you'll have to go door to door.

    So in the end, weather it be tomorrow, next week, or next peak it'll hit the fan and you'll be back going floor to floor and door to door making service on these "easy" stops and still have the extra work from UPS.

    If these people want their packages attempted somewhere other then their door they need to sign up for MyChoice because then the company's delivery matrix can be set accordingly and you won't get screwed when the apartment building's policy changes.
  19. Peppermint Patty

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    The apartment complex I took em to is how they want it set up. They don't want to be responsible for holding packages thats the whole concept behind it. They let new tenants know that they will receive a text or email once the package has been delivered to the dropbox. I think it saves hassle on both ends. We don't have to reattempt and customers don't have to be home.
  20. S.F. Rush

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    Good for sporh, but since your dispatch for said day is x amount of stops in the system; when you scan each pig seperately it adds how ever many extra scans as additional stops. So the next day dispatch says "hey, driver just did 50 more stops in the same amount of time than are manifest had went out with, let's add 25 actual stops cause the numbers are all that matter". And they actually do that. I scan every apt building as 1 stop and bring to the doors. This helps. And it's not falsifying documents since 5 pkgs at 1 stop is what they have in their system as well. Helped me out tremendously.