parking tickets during lunch??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by runner12, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. runner12

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    I was wondering if this was occuring in other centers too,management wants us to fill out an orange form if we get a parking ticket during our lunch break. Ive seen the form and you have to fill out what type of violation,( meter,fire pump etc.) the place of occurance and time of day. I got a ticket the other day during lunch and didnt fill a form out. no one has mentioned anything about it to me either.
  2. over9five

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    That does not sound good. Obviously they're going to say that you could have found a legal parking spot to take your lunch, so YOU should pay the ticket!

    (Why didn't you park for lunch in a better spot?)
  3. runner12

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    the only place to eat at is in an industrial area with no parking close by except for a no standing zone. ofcourse now i should pick another spot to eat which would be off route,far from my next stop.
  4. Channahon

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    In large Metro Downtown areas, UPS negotiates parking ticket fines with the city. Years ago, there was a problem in NYC.

    I have heard of tickets being written, when the vehicle was not even in service. Kind of a routine thing for the person writing the ticket. You know, I'll take a break, have a cup of coffee, pull out the ticket book, see who got a ticket yesterday and write another one.

    Don't you bring the ticket to the building? If so, not sure why a form would be needed.
  5. parking tickets ???i put them in the glove box with rest of them !!!!
  6. PassYouBy

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    I kept trying to put mine in there too, but they kept flying out the side door!
  7. 1989

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    I've gotten at least 40 parking tickets. Have never heard filling anything out for them. The time and place are usually on the ticket. Nobody needs to know if you were tking lunch. I got an ods once saying if you got a ticket in a handicap spot, it's your responibility.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    One of the drivers in my loop just got a ticket for blocking the "access" space for the handicap. I saw the ticket myself $400.00 beans. Don't know if he paid the whole thing or negotiated it down but he told me the company was not going to pay any part of it.
  9. IWorkAsDirected

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    That one bothers me, if you have to hand truck 6 boxes of paper, you need the ramp access. Our local pd has said they will start ticketing all delivery companies for double parking, parking partially on sidewalk etc, however the city does not require new businesses to provide access for deliveries, maybe we need to start using helicopters????????:raspberry-tounge:
  10. dcdriver

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    our ctr averages 6-8 tickets a day per driver some times more, the company pays all tickets it is in the contract. I can get a ticket move the pkg car to the next block get other ticket and so on and so on. My pkg car was towed about 5 years ago it had over $6000 worth of tickets on it.
  11. mattwtrs

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    I never delivered in the huge metro areas so I never had a parking ticket from a police officer, just a meter maid(person). Usually I was taking lunch and that's why I'd get the ticket. The local police chief said that was the only time he ever saw UPS set in 1 place that long. He would take care of the tickets when I'd see him. I offered to buy the meter maid lunch 1 day and that was the end of the tickets. I think she was shaking me down but she got a free lunch & UPS didn't get any more tickets. She was also a pretty good helper when they eliminated her postion.
  12. 1989

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    Usually a ticket from a police officer is a moving violation (blocking traffic, emergency accesses, etc) UPS won't pay for moving violations