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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Elmer, Dec 26, 2014.

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    I have been with this company for six years. Most peak seasons have been very rewarding until this peak season. The so call union board we have, have said that they are looking out for us part timers and hype us up about full time opportunities coming soon. It's bull:censored2:, Tim and his board lied to us. I'm saying this because I'm here wanting to get more hours and willing to work this day shift that UPS has created in our nassau hub. There are other guys in my building who wanted to have extra hours and all of it was robbed by all these seasonal workers. What the f$&k is going on Tim, why does it feel like im getting cheated out of a good peak season pay. My guys and I are angry and you lost alot of votes from us.
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    You are mad because UPS used seasonal before giving existing part timers the chance for more hours?
    Fair enough.
    I used my seasonal helper 6 to 9 hours a day, running his butt off. Is that the work you wanted after finishing your shift?
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    My shift is only 4 hours soo yeah 6-9 is perfect for me. We are part timers, some of us go to school, some of us work other jobs that pay less and we would love work those 6 to 9 extra hours. Those extra hours helps out a lot. You are here making it look like we not getting paid for those extra hours. I did two doubles this peak and its all because the opportunities were taken from us from these seasonal workers. They aren't union, they are there for the month of December and then they are gone. What about us part timers, we want more opportunities, we want more hours, and we are sick and tired of getting constantly screwed over
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    I doubt it was the union screwing you over. UPS likes to use the seasonal before they use the union workers. I always assumed they had to use the union workers before the seasonal though. Maybe that has changed with the new contract. Your best bet is to find a driver out of your center that uses a helper and have him request you has a helper. It is too late now but that is a solution.
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    And if it changed with the contract like you say then who had a part of working on this new contract. The union and UPS right? Its :censored2:ed up how UPS created a whole new shift, the "day shift", and just hired seasonal workers to work that shift. Before these seasonal workers came in a lot of us part timers was asked and agreed to work that shift and no one was called in December to work that shift, and it was because they had these new hires working that shift.
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    They started extra inside sorter and unloader shifts and refused to use union workers and the hall allowed it.
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    Did you file??
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    The union don't know what is going on unless someone calls them. You need to know what your union book says. I was joking when I said things have changed with the new contract. Their suppose to use union workers. It is your job to file and notify the union they aren't
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    The union knew. I personally couldn't work those hours so I didn't file
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    But the hall looked the other way and said they knew nothing about it even though a bunch of us talked to our reps directly prior to peak season.

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    You're a part timer that is guaranteed certain hours. As long as you're getting those guaranteed hours there isn't much you can do. Was this new shift that was created permanent? Or just for peak? Did you sign up for driver helper? Our building uses inside employees as driver helpers first before using seasonal workers. Unless your supplement says something about working 2 shifts then you're complaining for nothing
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    When our hub added a day shift and other changes trickled down, plenty of people of seniority were shafted. It was a union/UPS side-deal. Thank the union a decade or so ago. Now, it's a bunch of low-seniority and seasonals on the hub day sort while nearly all FT insiders are forced to the midnight or preload, instead of the day sort.
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    Not gonna lie, I've seen some of the regular unloaders work double shifts during my time working peak and I wish they hadn't because as much as they try to pace themselves they're pretty much worn out 1 hours into the twilight shift, which was my shift. I got partnered up with them every night and I pretty much had to unload the trucks myself because the other guy was handling 1 box every 15 seconds and complaining about how tired he was. But maybe it's different for the other positions that aren't unload.
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    Oh yes, there is!
    At CACH, there's an "extra work" sign up sheet. If your hubs got one, MAKE CERTAIN YOU LOCATE IT N SIGN OFF ON IT. This creates NO 'wiggle' room for management to look past you for extra work. They past you up, grieve it n get the money for the hrs the person w/less seniority or seasonal worked,without even working!
    Had an exceptional Christmas last year per UPS!
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    Yeah load and unload will kill you unless you have done it for a while. Sort aisle is the place to be. Double all week long. Small sort also if you can stand to be around the nagging old ladies.
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    In local 804 the side deals were Made the last few years.
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers one told me.
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    I don't trust these guys in office
  19. I can tell you from the management side of things. Did you make it absolutely clear you would double shift? Or did you give the "Yeah sure, I guess I can." Because I think everybody on my sort told me they wanted to double shift. Then when it came to actually getting someone to double shift I got the "Uh sorry, yeah I can't tomorrow. But the day after I can!" Then the next day you ask and get the same thing. The seasonals ended up double shifting because they were the only ones actually willing to do it.
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    Our preload and metro sups would post a sign up sheet for those who wanted to double shift. At the bottom of the sheet was a statement to the effect of anyone who signed up, was called and declined would have their name removed from the list.