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    Here is the language:

    All seniority employees who have completed their appropriate wage
    progression schedule shall be covered by the provisions of a costof-
    living allowance, as set forth in this Agreement.

    Employees who have not completed their appropriate wage progression
    on the effective date of a COLA increase, shall receive the
    adjustment on a prospective basis on the date they complete their
    wage progression schedules

    The last COLA was 08/01/11 for .12

    What happens to 2 and 3 year seniority part times who never complete the 4 year new hire wage progression because they are overtaken by the GWI of the new contract.

    When do they complete progression and get the .12 cola from 08/01/11?
    Do they get it at all?
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    Have you asked the steward, or your Local Union ??

  3. I don't know. That's a good question.
  4. saintrick

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    Unfortunately not all of us work in a location that has an active and engaged union presence.

    There is not a shop steward in my building that would know the answer to this.

    I could call the hall and leave a message but they do not return calls. Even if they did return the call my confidence in their answer would be low.

    Going to the next meeting and trying to speak to someone is also not an option.
    They are cancelled for the summer months. That is about the only info that is ever posted on our board.
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  6. saintrick

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    Thank You
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    No one I know has ever voted to suspend summer meetings. Magically they are always suspended though.
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    In the time, it took you to post this....

    You could have called your Local Union.

  9. saintrick

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    They would be even less helpful than you.

    Did I get than right?
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    Was referring to the use of than.
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    Have you called your Local yet ??

    Do you need the number ??

  13. saintrick

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    I have a message in but i do not expect a reply.
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    If you can't get a hold of your local try calling another local in your supplement. Go to and you can find the phone numbers for the other locals.
  15. Inthegame

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    Maybe no one you know goes to meetings. Usually a motion is made and voted on to suspend summer mtgs at the May meeting, but it also could be an e-board action in your local by-laws. The IBT Constitution requires a minimum of quarterly meetings.
  16. Brownslave688

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    Yes by no one I know I mean we vote at the meeting everyone talks afterward and says I voted to keep having meetings. Funny they got suspended again.

    Before we vote our BA subtly reminds us meetings have been suspended the last 40 years or so.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our local always suspends the summer meetings, primarily due to lack of members showing up.
  18. saintrick

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    Got a call back.

    Their position is that a part-time employee on the payroll on 8/1/11, that has not received the .12 cola, should receive it when they max out under the new progression and are thereafter only eligible for the GWI.

    8/1/09 to 7/31/10 would max out with the 4 year bump to 12.50(13.50)
    (some of these will have already received the cola due to the contract extension)

    8/01/10 to 7/31/11 will max out with the 3 year bump to 12.00(13.00)
    (these max out at 3 years due to the next .70 GWI putting them ahead of the 4 year bump)

    This is my locals understanding.
    If you fall in this group you need to ask management when you get the cola.
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    Got that $0.12 added to my $0.87 raise last November, on my anniversary date.
  20. saintrick

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    4 year anniversary under the extension?