Part time insurance lost?

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    Hey guys......I'm a 5 year employee, still part time but I'm a TCD waiting to go full time.......Up until last week, I had been driving almost every day......This week, they started using the "Christmas Helpers" because it's "cheaper".....

    So, I haven't been driving.......Since I'm the highest in seniority on my normal "part time" reload shift, they've been offering me layoff each day because of being "overstaffed"....Of course, I've taken layoff every day because I like to spend time aith the kids......But I heard that you have to report at least 1 day in a week or you can lose your insurance......

    So, I went in today and clocked in early because my supe had to go over some haz-mat stuff with me......about 15 minutes later, my part time supe offered me a layoff again. I asked, don't I have to work tonight? He told me that since I had clocked in, (even if it was just for 1 minute) that it was considered a report and that was all I needed.....Is this correct? I tried to find this in the union manual but couldn't.......Should I have worked all nite, of was the small clock in time considered my report for the week? Thanks guys!!!
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    My understanding is that he's right but I could be wrong. -Rocky