Part-Time Medical Coverage

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brother Joe, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Brother Joe

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    Article 22.
    Part-Time Employees
    Section 13. Health and Welfare
    Part-Time Medical Coverage
    (a)...This paragraph shall supersede any provision on the same subject in this agreement including those provisions which require part-time benefits to be equal or the same as full-time medical benefits.
    Vote no!
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    Ummmm.........I think you're a little late?!?
  3. atatbl

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    lol. He did it in his other thread too. This troll doesn't even know what is going on.

    Hey, Brother Joe, can you update us on the possible strike in Chicago. Are they any closer to reaching an agreement?
  4. sx2700

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    Maybe he already has a copy of the 2013 contract proposal.

    FAVREFAN Member

    705 members haven't voted yet. It's a TENTATIVE agreement.
  6. sx2700

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    Gotcha.....In that case, I NO.
  7. Brother Joe

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    (b) i individual health coverage will be made available to part time employees hired after August 1, 2008 after (12) months of active employment and...
    Vote No!
  8. 705red

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    Joe when you talked to juan last thursday did you ask him about ptime medical benefits?

    The benefits will stay the exact same for ptimers except it will cost you 20% out of pocket if you go out of network.

    Joe you run on and annoy people alot, and i have bitten my tongue several times. But i will see you next sunday and you will get a piece of my mind. You should know what you are talking about before you open your trap.

    Im not telling anyone to vote yes or no its your decision but please get informed and understand how this contract effects you.
  9. Brother Joe

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    I'm curious to hear what you have to say. You ain't the only one saying they have been biting their tongue. Others say they have been told not to say something. I say what I have to say. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am doing what I am doing because I believe it is the right thing to do.
  10. Bed Head

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    Dude everybody should have the same coverage. That means the part timers should get what the full timers get not the otherway around. Solidarity forever brothers & sisters!
  11. drewed

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    Red i agree with you, people should make their own choices and i dont want flak for this, but the highlighted doesnt scream out when you have seperate contracts.
  12. Mike Hawk

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    The majority of Teamsters are not equal due to supplements and riders, but they are still Teamsters. I used to be jealous of my brother when he would get more candy then me, but then I grew up and realized I could have done the same as him and gotten the same.
  13. hondo

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    Pro: the unborn/recently hired only have to wait 18 mos. for spouse/dependent coverage versus 36 mos. under the old agreement.
    Con: the unborn will have to wait 12 mos. for self coverage. I believe it was either upon seniority (40 working) or 90 calendar days.
    Unclear: will the unborn receive vision/dental for themselves @ 12 or 18 mos.
    Biggest question: vote for the contract based only on how it affects you or in solidarity with the unborn.
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  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have to disagree with this. Full timers have made the decision that UPS will be their career and most will invest 30 years (or more) in this career so UPS will invest in them through a health care package without rival in our industry. Part timers, as a rule, usually do not intend to make UPS their career, for whatever reason, whether it be spending money while going to school or simply working here for the benefits that their other job does not offer. Health care benefits are not cheap which begs the question of whether UPS should invest as heavily in those individuals who are here for the relatively short term. I would have to say "no" and would think that, with the new extended waiting periods, both the company and the Teamsters would agree.

    I would love to see a new pay scale for those part-timers who do not wish to take the health care coverage (usually those college students still covered by Mommy and Daddy) or who may have a spouse who is covered at their place of employment. I would think an additional $2-3 per hour would suffice.
  15. Brother Joe

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    90 days
    18 months
    There should be line in the sand issues. We need an increase in the starting pay every year. A 1.00 dollar an hour increase every year no split. Insurance in 40 days not 90 so the new hires equate that benefit with being a Teamster. We need to build Teamster power. We build that by having the new people active in the union. We build that activism by showing them the benefits of being in a union. We can't show them the benefits with the low pay & no insurance
  16. hondo

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    First, if someone has outside coverage that would be their primary coverage, with UPS benefits listed as a secondary coverage.
    Second, since part-timers tend to be younger and healthier, don't you think coverage costs less for them? And helps lower the overall cost per employee?
    Third, what happens if outside coverage is lost (mommy and daddy or spouse loses coverage), or a girlfriend or wife gets knocked up? Life happens. What then, do they have to give up $2-3/hour? Quit and go on public aid/welfare?
    Fourth, what about part-timers stuck with a long wait for a full-time job (I'm sure that's never happened @ UPS)
    Health care benefits are one of the reasons for union representation. It's part of the package, man. If you're so concerned about part-timers not being adequately compensated if they don't "wish to take" the health care coverage, why don't you take it upon yourself to find them a non-union job that pays better?
    I hope you can see the mess that would be created by two-tier pay/benefit packages.
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  17. hondo

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    Absolutely! If not, UPS's long term, divide & conquer strategy will (or is it shall?) prevail.
  18. 705red

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    I agree that the ptimers deserve more money to start but the patimers need to get more involved at the same time. How many ptimers do you see at the meetings?

    How many times do you see a sup working side by side with a ptimer? Does this ptimer file a grievance? No, why? because its less work for them to do.

    Now how many sups working do you see next to a ftimer? very few, why? Because the ftimer will file to protect his/her job.

    You want to vote down this contract and ask fulltimers to stand on a picket line losing their pay and possbly their jobs to help a ptimer that wont help themselves.

    I ask you what makes more sense?
  19. JonFrum

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    Only a lucky few last 30 or more years. Very few.

    Without rival? Really?
  20. iowa boy

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