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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by htown0721, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. htown0721

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    I interview for a supervisor position this week, I currently make 10 and hour as a loader but was wondering how much part time supervisors make? Thanks!
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    You will surpass them in pay in a few years.
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    Not nearly what everyone is led to believe.
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    $14.50ish to start? Around there.. but you also have to pay in for insurance.
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    Ask a lot of questions about insurance. You have 2 choices when it comes to insurance. Gamble and hope you do not need them or pay about $2000 per year in premiums. Your raises will not compare to those of the hourly. In 4 to 5 years you will make less per hour than an hourly employee that was hired at the same time as you. Your chances of a full time driving job actually goes down if get promoted. Ask a lot of questions if you are planning to make this a step towards a UPS career.
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    Of course they will surpass you in pay.keyword "my hub". In my hub i have yet to see pt hourly surpass pt management coming in at the same time over a 10 year period. in my hub only full-time hourlies surpass pt sups. They key is to have enough commitment to become full-time on either career path. Management, through running numbers, knowing the right people,being social with superiors, constantly searching for opportunity and completing mapp. Thru hourly by waiting it out, gaining enough seniority, for the full time slot or driving position. Obviously waiting is easier. but pt sup being a "dead end" is exaggerated, i have seen plenty of pt sups become ft sups or specialist, just be a go hard and play "the role". its your choice analyze the trends in your respective building.
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    21K a year, give or take

    pay raise is about 2.5% a year, regardless of performance
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    sad, sad life.
    With respects to your post and hourly wages, PT hourlies catch PT supervisors by year 6-8 in our region. I know of a PT supervisor making $19/hr that has 18 years in.

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    Looks like we are from the same area and your exactly right. I make more than the pt supes in my bldg & they definately didnt get 2.5% raise the last go round.
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    We have guys who have been here 7 years and are not making what the PT sups make. Not sure exactly what you guys are talking about because it doesn't happen in my building.
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    exactly is depends on the demographics of the building and the performance of that pt supervisor. Not all pt sups receive bad raises, the best pt sups, get decent raises usually on par with pt union.Again its a choice, each with pros and cons.
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    I would say that a PT sup getting promoted from inside will start somewhere around 14 an hour. Multiply that number by 27.5 and you have your ball park estimate.
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    pt time sups have lot of money but they have to go school for this course to become sups
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    First day as supervisor today and I was making 11.00 before now I'll be making 13.82. (Orlando hub)
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    Hmm...looks like someone was pretty close a few threads up. Experience perhaps?


    If you want good PT pay, UPS Freight pays their PT Operations Sups. $18.35 hr 6hr days or more if you want. I was offered that job, it would have made 70hrs a week for me, I have a regular Full Time job, but the work there is a lot easier than on the Package side for a PT supervisor.
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    I was promoted a few weeks ago and went from making 10 an hour as an hourly to 16 an hour so no complaints here. Plus I get paid 27.5 a week and have yet to get within two hours of that so I see it as a bonus every week. However, i'm sure there will be weeks I go over and am not compensated.
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    We'll check back with you during Peak.
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    Do you enter your time accurately in PTRS?
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    If you were taking the average, not over the top, pay check picking up supervisor, then by 7 or 8 years a pt hourlie will catch up due to consistent raises for the union employee. Pt supervisors also get capped at $20/hr so after 8 or 9 years the benefit goes in favor of the union job based solely on pay. Pt sups shouldn't strive to just be pt sups though. At some point you want to take the next step. Both sides have their benefits and their headaches either way.