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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by backeruper, May 8, 2008.

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    does anyone know if part time shifters re bid their start times every year as the full time shifters do. i work at a large hub in florida and have been shifting for 15 years and the part time shifters have only re bid their start times 3 times and the last bid sheet i signed said "anual part time bid list" but when this year came along there was no bid sheet. i just wanted to know if that was the way it was done in other parts of the country
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    Seriously it's different alll over. You need to read the contract for an answer.
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    Ask a shop steward, he should know the contract in your area.
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    yea i know it is different in all parts of the country the language in the contract does not say anything about pt shifters and an anual bid list the stewards dont want to help and they dont care because there not pt and the damn president of the local seems to be in the same bed as management and he is was a feeder dvr befor he was elected so he does not want to but heads with feeder management because he has to return to his job when someone else is elected now all i want to know is there any hub out there that has pt shifters ill call there management and ask them surly sombody can help me im not asking for that much i've only been shifting for the last 15 years. peoples schedules change, kids grow up and don't have to be picked up from school, or whateveri see ft shifters change there schedule anually why cant we(pt).
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    Don't even understand your question. How do you bid a start time ? I start when they tell me.

    Our shifters start with whatever shift they work on. IE preload shifter starts with preload...

    Our feeder drivers do not bid a start time. They bid a route. Each route has a particular start time.
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    I'm a feeder driver.
    It's my understanding, and experience, that start times are bid and a run is assigned to that start time.
    On several occasions I have reported for work at my assigned start time and was dispatched somewhere other than my assigned run. I have to work as directed.
    This usually only occurs when there are hot loads going somewhere and the assigned driver had an emergency and didn't make it to work. Dispatcher has to get the loads moving and doesn't have time to get a coverage driver in. I don't think dispatch likes flipping loads, start times and drivers around as it causes confusion and missed loads.
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    Our feeder routes don't change. Our center is quite a ways from anything else though...
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    ok here's the situtation every year(april) the ft shifters re-bid every start time and when i say re-bid i mean that start with the most senior ft-shifter and he or she gets to pick any start time the want and they would keep that start time until next april and if they wanted to pick another start time then they would change their start time as long as they had enough seniority. My question is how come us pt shifters can not do the same thing. We have some shifters that work sunday -thursday and some that work monday-friday and some that work tuesday-saturday and most of them have staggered startime's so its hard to bid on a shift because nobody starts at the same time. out of the 100 or so shifters that we have at our hub i've been shifting longer than everybody but just because i chose to stay part-time(because i own my own business and are only using UPS for the benefits)ive get punished along with the rest of us part-timers who feel the same way i do but all we get is the runaround from management and the union all im asking now is there any hubs out there that have pt-shifters i'll find out myself just let me know where to call

    thanks for your help
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    100 shifters? geez what a fustercluck. You must be at the jax hub. If you say you are pretty high up the totem pole with seniority, then you certainly should be able to trump any junior PT shifter and take their start time if it better suits you.
  10. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    yes. usually every 6 mo or year there is an opportunity for part-timers to bid something else. I believe the contract reads 1/3 of part-timers can change maximum per shift per year or 6 months. There may be something supplemental as well regarding the moves in that particular hub.
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    Since you are part time aren't you stuck to a particular shift, ie local sort, twilight, preload, etc... The shift would have a start time for all part timers correct ?

    We have like 2 shifters and less than 10 feeder drivers...
  12. JonFrum

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    In New England we bid Start Times, literally.
    The Supplement also requires that a job or route description be listed next to the Start Time, but it's the Start Time you actually bid on.

    There is no annual bid for part-timers, but they do have the right to bid on new jobs and job openings as they come up.


    The Supplement prohibits part-timers from driving, period, and from driving on-property (except in emergencies or while carwashing.) Thus there are no part-time shifters in my building. Except that, wait a minute, all shifting has always been done exclusively by part-timers since they built the building in 1972! In fact, I, myself, was a part-time shifter for years until my job was converted to an Article 22.3 in 2000! I now shift as a full-timer, though the other shifters are still part-time. (We only have one shifter working at a time though, as there is not a lot of shifting to be done.) Every Supplement is different, and some are best read by Rod Serling, with that disturbing Twilight Zone theme playing in the background.
  13. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Incorrect, part-time employees can drive. For instance, when I was in Norwood p/t it was o.k. to shift or position vehicles as long as I wasn't leaving the bldg. Common practice...
    Plus, explain how we have part-time air drivers? ...
    When there's no full-time shifter or full-time combo on duty, part-time employee can shift.
    Also, to avoid delay in work, part-time employees can shift, and that is whether there is a F/T driver, combo shifter or etc on duty or not.
    All in the national, nothing supplmental.

    As far as moving in the building as a part-time employee, part-timers must put their name on a list for preferred job openings. I'm pretty sure this is a national practice. If you don't sign up or notify management, you won't be moved ( unless your numbers require a move)

    As far as bidding "starting times" in the supplement, this language is here only to prevent UPS from notifying FT employees anything other than the start time. This gives them flexibility when it comes time to the moves.
  14. JonFrum

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    For someone whose name says you "do less work than most," you sure are putting out extra effort to nic-pick me.

    As you know, the Contract is full of contradictions and exceptions, and differences from one supplement to the other, and differences in interpretation, and past practice, and level of local enforcement. Neither I nor any other poster can address every possible variation without turning our posts into magazine length articles. Besides, we have an obligation to address the issue the original poster raised, and try to stay on topic. He was not asking about Article 40 and its concessionary language that specifically says it overrides other language, when it comes to air driving (part-time and full-time.) He was not interested in the few exceptions when a part-timer can drive on the property for a few minutes in New England. His question was about continuous driving as a regular 5-day a week bid job. It's not worth the effort for me to comment on each of your points, except to say that the original poster is from Florida so I doubt he is looking for a detailed off-topic discussion of the New England Supplement. He has years of experience with UPS (and the Contract) so I assume he understood every word I wrote. My comment about the Twilight Zone was intended to remind everyone that we are all on shakey ground any time we say anything about the Contract, due to all the inconsistencies and local variations. As always, everything I say is true, so long as you read it accurately, and take it in context.
  15. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    For someone who's nitpicked me enough times to lose track, you sure are snippy when it comes time to take it right back!

    PS my post was definitly on topic- but you were more sidetracked with my "nitpicking" to realize this.

    You're points are/were valid. But, unfortunately with vague language (as you point out) it really doesn't matter. Management interpets one way, union interpets another, and it's usually somewhere in the middle.

    Call a rose a rose- it's probably in the supplement which he is under, and the bids are probably no longer annual there if there was no sheet this year. Definitly worth looking into though.
  16. JonFrum

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    Here's what Article 55, Section 4 of the New England Supplement says. This is what I was refering to since the original poster has access to Article 22, but probably not Article 55, and he was asking how things are done in other areas.

  17. swiftshifter

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    :rofl:once again ,just part of the story is told....The annual bid the poster speaks of -is for new parttime shifting jobs...if they come available...

    If I recall partime shifters in Jax rebid less than 12 months ago ,because management made a job for a female and a grievance was filed asking why job wasn t bid -so the company bid all parttime shifting jobs..As I heard just one changed hours due to a job opening..

    15 years part time shifting I would guess you are non union and probably worked during Aug97 which would explain why stewarts will not assist you..After all where were you in Aug 97 when they asked for your help...Working perhaps!!!!!!

    In my opinion the shifting should be done by "FULLTIME" employees as there is more team work when full time..

    I m sure this post will rattle some cages but its just my opinion:grrr:
  18. tritese

    tritese tritese

    :biting: a part timer that has been shifting 15+ years you can bid on any part time job that is open (mind you they bid part time jobs every six months) and also on any combination job that is open........there are a lot of places you could have been and a lot of opportunities to change that start sound like you want your cake and eat it too.......:angry: i can't believe after 15 years you think the procedure is going to change, as long as i can remember they only bid a part time shifting job when it is vacated!! :raspberry:
  19. drewed

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    In our center, pt timers are hired for their shift if they want off the shift they have to get a t'fer to it. our pters never bid
  20. backeruper

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    once again we have a union "know it all" as we usually refer to as a ":censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: house lawyer"(swift). They like to repeat everything they hear even if they dont know if it is true or not. these people like to start and spred rumors. I bet swift knows all about the new contract even though they have never seen it. The annual bid sheet that i signed was not the annual bid sheet that you talk about the one you talk of is the one that is put out for the pt hub workers the one i signed was the one that only pt shifters were allowed to sign and at the top read "annual part time bid list" which led me to believe that UPS finally got there head out there ass and allowed us to bid our start time "annually". and hell i speak and write english and to me annual means yearly. As far as your recollection on us jax pt shifters bidding just 12 months ago you are right but like i said the bid list i signed said "annual". Also there were many more than 1 person who changed there start times. As far as me not being in the union your right there a bunch of crooked ass bastards anyway. I hope you feel good about paying for other companies employees retirementall those years. im glad ups has controll of my money. Which would you rather have control of your money a fortune 500 company like ups or a bunch of thieves like the teamsters? oh never mind you made up your mind didn't you. August 97 i remember quite well i was catching over head surf in costa rica while you :censored2: was on that pickett line. Ya'll sure took care of things why would you need my help i wouldnt ask for yours. the only "STEWARTS" that has helped me was BILL STEWART the shaper of my 9'6" hydro hull. The word you were trying to spell was "STEWARD".If you had any kind of education you would know this. The funny part is you probally are a "STEWART" A real ":censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: House Lawyer". I know UPS is a growing company but we really do not need to bring ebonics into it. "STEWARTS" use spell-check or a dictionary what a :censored2:!!!!!! and while im on a roll 3ts i dont think you understand either the top of the bid sheet read annual part time bid list. I came here to get some help but it seems that all i get is smart ass comments from :censored2: people but what should i expect from a bunch of clowns like swift "i heard i heard i heard" maybe you should of been listening in english class.THINK FIRST