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I'm a part-timer in Kentucky. I suffered a non work related injury that is going to cause me to be off for about 8 weeks. I've been with UPS about 2 years and never been off work, so I have no idea about this stuff. I searched the board, but only found information for full timers. How does the part time short term disability plan work... what is the application process, is it hard to get, how long before eligibility, and how much does it pay? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I am not sure, and it varies from area to area Im sure. Best thing is to get with your sup and ask. Also your local business agent would have a good idea. Your insurance and other benefits are taken care of by UPS. Full time is taken care of by the Union.

If you post back with what you find, that would leave the information for others.



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If you post back with what you find, that would leave the information for others.
Anybody have any further advice?

My sup gave me the contact info of the person in charge of it, and after trying to get ahold of this person for 3 days now I find out that "xxxx is a piece of **** who never answers their phone"... great. That helps A LOT.

Getting frustrated, so if anybody's got some words of wisdom that'd be much appreciated!



Health & Welfare coverage varies from area to area. Sometimes the coverage is provided through UPS, sometimes through the Union.

After you have worked enough hours to qualify for coverage, the H&W Fund should send you a Summary Plan Description (SPD), which is a booklet describing all your benefits.

Incidentally, here in Locals 42 (Lynn, Ma.) and 25 (Boston, Ma.), most part-timers don't work enough hours to qualify for Weekly Disability Pay. But the few who do work longer hours, qualify for Weekly Disability Pay, just as if they were full-timers.


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ill try to help as best i can, im part time and went on disability for 90 days last year

first i had to contact Human Resources for my DISTRICT

i work at ROAVA hub, had to talk to someone in richmond

they notified Aetna

Aetna mails me forms to take to doctor to fill out

my doctor filled them out and faxed them back to aetna

i filled out FMLA papers and sent them to richmond by fax to cover my ass incase i was denied disability

i was approved disability and stayed out 90 days and got something like 60%-70% of normal not exactly sure and i returned to work after the 90 days


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I was also out for short term disability a while ago. It works somewhat like it did for bscott85 except I didn’t speak to anyone from Human Resources. I just called Aetna and asked what I needed to do.

Aetna is the plan administrator for Sort Term Disability (STD) in my region. You should have a received a big booklet with all your health benefits in it. It is called the Summary Plan Description and it has a section on how STD works for part-timers.

It’s really easy. Just call Aetna and say you want to open up a claim. They will assign you a claim person and will tell you all the forms that must be filled out. Also, let your PT supervisor or Full time supervisor know the date the doctor decided you must leave work.

It very important that you confirm that your doctor faxed the required forms (lab tests, etc.) to Aetna soon as possible, otherwise your claim will be denied!! Even though Aetna will attempt to call your doctor, you are responsible if they can’t get through or if your doctor forgets to fax the forms. Aetna will not pay you if they don’t get their paper work, so follow up.

UPS Disability Claim Unit P.O. Box 189161 Plantation, FL 33318-9161 1-866-825-0186 Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET

Once your STD claim is approved (could take days, weeks) you will get paid a percentage of your weekly part-time pay.

When you come back from the 8 weeks your doctor can give you a note for your supervisor saying you are fit for duty. That’s about it. You can also do all of this on Aetna’s STD website.


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Sorry to hijack the thread, but it's related.

I just have a question about going on disability. I have been off work since last Friday and on Monday my Dr. said to stay off until this Friday. I contacted my full-time sup and he said to call someone because "we cannot afford to have you off for so many days, so you have to go on disability." I will be out a total of 6 days. I already have a note, but I was wondering if I really have to go on disability.

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Syny, I'm not sure what the rules are for your area, but in my area if you need to miss more than three days to due illness or injury, you are required to go on disability. Otherwise, you are just a call-in for 6 days and likely terminated.


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thx for the input guys. i finally got ahold of the HR person, and like has been said they had me call Aetna and start a claim. >3 days = short term disability around here(MN).

Thanks for the reminder to MAKE SURE Aetna actually gets everything from the Doctors on time.

If only there was a way to expidite getting the 1st check.[/dreaming]


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By any chance, does anyone know how long it will take for my disability check to come, how much would it be and how does it come? (i.e. mail, pick it up from the hub, or direct deposit) My disability claim was just approved today and I've been off for about 1 month and a half.