Part-Time Starting Wage to be Bumped Up to $10 but....

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  1. Evil

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    If part-time starting wages are to be bumped from $8.50 per hour to $10.00 does that mean the rest of the part-timers will get a $1.50 increase as well?

    If not, then it would mean that someone hired last week or today would start at $8.50; get bumped to $9.50 after 3 months and be making less than someone hired after and if the contract gets ratified at the end of May or early June?

    Does anyone have any insight on this because the IBT is sure not giving us any information on this.
  2. anonymous4

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    I keep bringing this up and I will refrain after this until we see the real writing. I don't expect a catch-up for all part-timers. I am outside progression and would expect to see those at the tail-end of it come within a few $ of me if they had a catch-up. And you know, it needs to happen. There will be outrage from 1-3 year employees if that doesn't happen.
  3. tramtwo

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    Yeah, but who will be their voice?
  4. Tim Kitchens

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    Yeah because I'm at 11 dollars an hour and been here for one year and I would be really :censored2: if some slack ass came in after me and was makeing more than me
  5. saintrick

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    The prior contracts have language that address this. I would expect it to be the same.

    Part-time employees still in progression on the effective date of this master agreement shall receivethe above contractual increases and will be paid no less than what theywere entitled to in accordance with the wage schedules in Article 22,​
    Section 5 (b) below

  6. Evil

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    How did you get up to $11 an hour in one year if the starting wage is $8.50; $9.50 after three months and if you get sort pay that would be an extra buck and you'd be at $10.50.
  7. Macbrother

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    Just for example, in my area, preload starts at $9.50. seniority + 3 months 10.50. seniority + 1 year 11.00. So that's more than plausible.
  8. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    Smoke & mirrors, IMO.

    Consider: Many PTers working overnight shifts (including Preload) already start at $9.50, raising to $10.50 after 90-days and $11 year one-year. Typically, these employees accumulate more hours than their facilities' day/evening peers.

    So let's assume that more than half of hours accumulated by one-year employees are paid at $11.00, the rest at $10.00.

    If the new contract eliminates skilled wage premiums (but grandfathers seniority employees) and the 90-day raise (which didn't exist prior to the 2002 contract), and maintains a two-tier wage system that assess 50c to new employees after 90-days, that means all new employees would earn $10.50 after one year. Thus, the total payout by UPS is LESS than what it is today.

    Like I said ... probably just smoke & mirrors.

    Of course, we'll have to await the details.
  9. ocnewguy

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    so .50 + .70 in august? and every year of the 4 year progression? or just the first year? or not at all and we just get the .70?
  10. saintrick

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    You will get the .70 cent raise on aug 1. On your senority date after that you will get .50(my guess) that will catch you up to the new hire progression (still unknown). From that date forward you will receive the contract raise every aug .70(2014) .70(2015) .80(2016 split) 1.00(2017) split.

    Keep in mind we do not have the contract yet this is just my opinion of how it will work.
  11. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    Currently, the contract specifies that at seniority + one year, you'll earn a minimum of $10 ($11, if you're earning the $1 skilled worker premium). So if your seniority date is before August 1, you're guaranteed a 50c raise, and then you'll also earn the 70c "general wage increase" on August 1.

    The four-year progression merely sets floor wages. For example, the contract currently specifies that at one year, you'll earn a minimum of $10 ($11 skilled), and at two years $10.50 ($11.50 skilled). Historically, the annual general wage increases have been higher that the wage increase increments set fourth in the progression scale, so once employees have become eligible for the general wage increase, it has triumphed the floor wages. This will likely change -- temporarily -- this contract, but we won't know the extent until we see the new progression scale.

    For example, consider an employee who started at $8.50, reached $9.50 at 90-days.

    At contract time, if the new wage progression reads (yes, I'm "guessing"):

    Then the employee would also be be bumped to $10.50 on August 1st -- since it's higher than the $10.20 the general wage increase would bring him to -- and then again to $11.00 at one-year. However, further general wage increases would triumph the new progression, thus he'd just get those.

    If the new progression reads:

    Then the employee would be bumped to $10.20 on August 1st, and $10.50 after one-year. Again, the second general wage increase would push him further than the floor, so he would follow that.


    This is the "correction" I expect to take place. Hopefully this makes sense.

    The people that will get screwed are the ones being hired in beginning Wednesday, being tagged as permanent-but-seasonal therefore not receiving a seniority date until September and thus receiving new new progression scale and NOT the general wage increase.
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