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    We recently had a full-time driver retire from our center. (November) I am the top seniority TCD and signed the part-time to full-time bid list in Jan. My Sup filled out the paperwork for me to become FT to take the drivers spot who retired. Found out last week that I was denied the FT spot b/c our center has enough drivers. I have driven everyday this year and am on pace to get well over 200 punches. Supervisor had to deliver packages today because we had no other drivers. Last Friday we had to get a driver from another center to help us. I am a teamster. Is there anything I can do. How would I word my grievance?
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    Was the supervisor delivering because of someone called in at the last minute? Don`t you have a steward? You should be discussing this with him
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    Talk to your steward and see what he has to say about how long they have before they have to post that postion. Then read your rider to see what it says about job openings and posting of such jobs. Even if they post it your not guaranteed to get it every FT driver has a chance to bid that route atleast in my area.

    After you find out how long they have to post that position after that time line then you could file a grievance. Than again they could say they are doing away with that or a route which seems to be the case if they are says they have emough drivers right know.
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    I am not trying to take that guys "route". Just trying to take the full time spot that opened up. Nothing has changed in our center. Still running the same amount of routes. Called the Union Rep today and she says to file a grievance. I just don't know how to word it. I don't have much faith in the union. We don't have a steward in our center. He resigned the position a few months ago and nobody wants to take the spot.

    They have already posted the retiree's route and a ft driver has taken it. I'm not really interested in the route, just want the ft spot so my pension will get going... I don't have much experience with the union. I've worked @ UPS 5 years and have only filed 1 grievance.
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    Supervisor driving because of a call in yes. But they refuse to train more TCD's.
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    Why don't you take the position?

    Read your rider to the national contract and find the Ariticle and sections that pertains to filling open position then file a grievance. No one here is going to be able to help you unless they fall under the same rider agreement you do.
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    That is considered a exception situation and they can drive to make service on those pkgs. What UPSGUY72 says is sound information.
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    I am not looking to grieve the Sup working. I am looking to grieve the Denial of the FT position. Like I said. WE have the same amount of routes, but now we are 1 FT driver less than we have been the last 3-4 years. we have a plan of 22 drivers but only have 21 on payroll.
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    The supervisor delivering better have had a part timer sitting next to him. They can't just use a call-in as an emergency situation. If the job was available in Jan. and after a couple of weeks its not, I would grieve on the surepost scenario. Say UPS is diverting work. Its worth a try.
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    Why not grieve it? Its your job and money the Sup is taking. After receiving a handful of grievances for Sup working they will have the papertrail to argue for the FT position. I hear this over and over...."I don't wanna grieve it but this aint fair/right" well it aint gonna stop unless you do something about it.
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    Filing a grievance is the only way to get it changed and the only person who can help you word your grievance in the most effective way is your steward.
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    You need to get with a steward a grieve it, but I have a question did a driver in you center take the route or did someone transfer from another center. Without a steward how do they discipline anyone
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    I have grieved it. The Union Rep says she is fighting several cases like it. Sound like UPS is trying to get by with less drivers. A driver from our center took the position. I have driven every day this year. Hard to say we don't need another driver.
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    Just keep grieving it every day that happens, like customerconerns
    says make a paper trail that will always help.As far as your union rep
    that grievance should be paid rightaway. supervisors working
    open and shut case. Goodluck