Part-time work may open doors



Nobody ever said being the best was easy, if it was, every one would be the best, and that just wouldnt work now would it
. SO work hard, learn all you can about it, and push yourself as hard and as far as you can. Then go 20% further.

d But in the mean time, dont quit your day job!


UPS does not want long term employees, It keeps their cost down. Use them for their education and move on!


My history with ups started in 1993. I went to school, worked part-time. Graduated from college. I kept ups job, and worked in engineering at a major radio station here. Did everything from fixing transmitters to climbing towers to change light bulbs.

Like most radio stations, ours were bought out by a large corporation. That meant layoffs. Luck had it that same month, I was called by HR to see if I wanted to drive.

Point of the story...keep your options open, you'll never know what opportunities will happen. If you want management, it'll happen. I don't want it.

P.S. I still get calls once in a while to change light bulbs, and do other engineering tasks.