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Im thinking of becoming a package handler on the twilight shift. What fees other than taxes does UPS hold out of your check and about how much are they (uniforms, union dues, etc.)? Also what is the process of loading? How are things sorted and checked in or out? I would like to know so that I have some kind of idea of what to do if I get the job.

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You will pay an initiation fee and union dues if you are in a closed shop state. Both of these vary from local to local.

Most people start in the unload then move to the load then pick-off.

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By the way, I filled out an online inquiry about a job, but I dont know if I did it correctly. After I filled out the inquiry I went to a page that said it would take 15 minutes to fill out the application. I pressed continue and it took me to my job inquiries where it says that my inquiry needs attention and that it is not complete. When I select this particular inquiry it says no appointments are available. Am I doing something wrong or do they just not want you to fill out a full blown application unless jobs are available or something?


I dont know about you, but doing important things online oftimes is a bad choice.Get the name of the person doing the hiring and bug the **** out of them.Show up at the place in person to give them your resume /application. If you really want to work at ups,you had better be ready to step into a job that makes each day a challenge,to say the least.If you want a 9 to 5 are in the wrong building.