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    So I'm a little confused... we are gauranteed 3.5 hours but we rarely make that at our center. We are often done with the sort in 3 hours. So my question is do we lose our benefits if we work less than 3 hours a day?? I don't want to jeopordize myself by leaving too early and losing them. I have another job that pays more so thats why I leave after 3 hours if we are done.
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    You don't say where you are located but I know here benefits are based on the number of days worked in a quarter, not hours per day. We have to have 36 days in a quarter to be eligible for benefits for the following quarter.
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    I am in the Eastbay district in California
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    Make them find you 3.5 hours of work. If not, find it yourself. There has got to be sups working somewhere. Get stewards, agents, call the union. Even if you don't need the money I bet you there are plenty of people who do.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Maybe helenofcalifornia can help you on this.
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    UpstateNYUPSer, is this for drivers or part-timers? Off the cuff, I think I have to accumulate a minimum number of hours in a calendar month to maintain part-time benefits for the following month. I'll double check the answer this evening if I remember. At any rate, my answer is relevant for part-time UPSers in Alaska and I'm not sure beyond that.
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    So you say you are gauranteed 3.5 hours, so does that mean they pay you 3.5 even if you punch out in less than that time?
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    I thought 3.5 hours was the mininum you would get pay for working that shift even if you worked less. I they send you home when you are done, in 3 hrs, you should still get paid 3.5 hour for the shift.

    The 3.5 hours min. is in the contract.

    In my area you have to work 40 hours a month to keep the benefits. Each area is different. Ask your union guy these questions, he will know the answers.
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    I believe part timers must work 60 hours in a month. Dude, if you are in Local 70, this is the best union ever. Call the union and they will answer any questions you have. Remember seniority in going home early. There must be a shop steward up there who can help you out also. If you are Local 70, I am jealous! They're good!!!
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    According to Insert 101 of the Summary Plan Description booklet for the UPS National Health Plan for Part-Time Employees:

    "Once you have gained eligibility, you must work a minimum of 40 hours each month to continue your eligibility for coverage under the Plan. Hours worked in one month qualify you for coverage two months later."

    Any hours worked over 50 hours in a calendar month are banked. The maximum number of hours that can be banked are 240 hours. If you are short of the 40 hours in a calendar month, hours will be taken from the banked hours in order to meet the 40-hour minimum requirement. If there are not enough hours in the bank to meet the 40-hour minimum requirement, then your coverage ends the first day of the second month. If you lose coverage for a month, you may elect to continue coverage through COBRA in accordance with the Summary Plan Description booklet.

    Hope that clears it up. Theoretically, all part-timers are covered under the same national UPS health plan for part-timers.
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    I think the way it works is this: you are guaranteed 3.5 hours of work per day. If you are done in less than 3.5 then you may be asked to take a "pay actual" which essentially means you get paid for the hours you worked (no 3.5 guarantee). If you say no to the pay actual, then they will probably find something very lame and stupid for you to do (like sweep trailers or cleanup your area) until you hit 3.5 hours. Very rare do they let you go before your 3.5 hours and actually pay you for the full 3.5.
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    If you are planning on working long enough to have your pension vested (5 years), you must work 750 hours per year, which is about 14.5 hours per week.

    If you are not worried about pension, then you don't have to worry about this.

    If you are not sure how long you are going to stay with UPS, you may want to make sure you get 750 per year just in case you end up staying long enough to get it.

    If you are working three hours every day, you should be in good shape as long as you have good attendance.
  13. Fnix

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    What does pension vested 5 years mean? You must work at least 5 years to start obtaining pension points?
  14. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    It means that after 5 years working (in some locals - here in Local 25 New England for sure), you obtain a vested right to a pension at a certain age.

    You start getting pension points from your first day at work. You earned a "piece of the pie" after 5 years
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    You are to be paid for 3.5 hours... Bottom line...

    If you work 3 hours and THEY tell you to get off the clock you are paid 3.5. :happy-very:

    If you "volunteer" to leave at 3 hours they do not have to pay you for 3.5.:sad-very:

    So wrap up your sort in 3 hours or less but I am sure there is trash to be taken out. Package car windows to clean. Sweap out the back of a package car... There is ALWAYS 3.5 hours worth of work at UPS... ALWAYS

    IF you are on the preload check for misloads - PERFECT SERVICE DAY!
  16. LKLND3380

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    If you volunteer to go home they do not have to pay you 3.5...