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    I know plenty of steelworkers who get a work boot allowance of $150 a yr and also have work uniforms provided to them at no cost. Part timers make chump change, do u think the union would ever fight for this in contract negotiations. Also why dont part timers have bidding rights like full timers? We all pay union dues
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You can forget the uniform allowance---we don't even get that. You can write off the money you spend on work boots on your taxes if you itemize.

    How would a bidding process help the part-timers? Aren't jobs assigned by seniority?

    As far as the wages, I agree, which is why I would like to see the starting wage bumped to $10/hr ($15/hr in lieu of benefits). This would be paid for with the money the company will save when they implement the two-tiered wage for new FT drivers.
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    If you read the contract part timers based on seniority have a right to put their name in for a preferred position. I believe Article 22 ( full time) do not have that right.They work as directed including their assignment. As I have stated many times Pt'ers for their dues get health and welfare benefits including dental and prescriptions,pension, and pay once you are done your progression second to none. Try getting that @ Mickie D's or Wall Mart. As for work shoes and dues they are tax deductable. The pay and benefits are actually very good. If you want to talk about how they treat you that is a whole different ball game.
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    Few Part Timers make enough money to itemize their deductions.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Most PTers don't spend $150 on workboots; hell, my last pair was $90 and I am on my 3rd year with them.
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    My winter boots came frow the U.S. Army eight years ago and still have a few good years left.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I wish I still had my mukluks or those big white ones.
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    Do you mean the bunny boots?
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    Better yet, when will the Union allow their UPSCO airline part time hourlies to bid on package car driving, or factor in 'skilled' positions that get paid $1 more an hour like at the ground centers and hubs? As it is right now, these guy have literally NO means of progression in this company other than becoming PT sups...
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    The union needs to address this issue. We are told to work as directed. Seniority doesnt matter as a part timer. Management move part timers around to different areas to benefit their #'s. How does the union let this happen?
  12. PiedmontSteward

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    Starting wage should be $12.50/hr with no option to opt out of benefits. The four year progression should top out at $15 or 16/hour (not $12.87 as it stands right now). And I'm going to call you out yet again for advocating a two-tier wage system; it's a grossly selfish proposal you're making for entirely self-serving reasons that aren't even valid. UPS makes billions in profits and you're advocating screwing over your younger brothers before they even get in a package car? We aren't supposed to eat our young.
  13. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    Somebody making $25/be-best in industry-is not 'screwing them' or 'eating of the young'. It is not selfish; do not know how much longer UPS will make 'billions'.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There is a new member who goes by the name of InsideUPS. I urge you to read some of his posts----you will see that I am not alone when I say that we will see this implemented, if not in 2013, then most certainly in 2018.
  15. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    It is when it takes 19+ years to get into a package car in some hubs. There are other options other than a two-tier wage system - pay freezes for drivers with top pay, for example. Or maybe the company should look into cutting back on overtime and 9.5 penalty triple pay with more routes rather than trying to implement a two-tier wage system. When UPS is willing to pay a package car driver $45/hr in overtime and $90/hr in penalty pay while having them work 12-14 hour days that argument just doesn't hold water.
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    How is it fair when I have been part time with the company for 6 years and put my name on a 22.3 bid and an off the street driver who has been with the company full time for 3 years signs the same bid and wins? He gets the job only because he is full time, I have more company seniority. To me that is not far at all.
  17. BigUnionGuy

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    Generally speaking....

    Full-time jobs are usually bid within the classification first. Then, any other full-timers. After that.... part-timers.

    There are few.... if any.... unionized company's, that would allow part-time company seniority to trump full-time. For any reason.

    Don't let that discourage you. Stick it out.

  18. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    There is more to your hourly salary than your wages. Just saw on my W2 that I "earned" well over 6-figures last year when everything is included.

    In addition, I would be surprised if UPS doesn't hire more drivers once they are cheaper to employ, which speaks directly to advancement opportunities for insiders. I don't think the vast majority of drivers hate the excessive OT, and of those who do many are not inclined for the fight filing 9.5 grievances and the like can bring, if they are even aware of the 9.5 list.

    The main problem appears to be the lack of opportunities. A two-tiered driving system could help with that.

    Would the $25/hr driver not get raises? And I have lived in a UPS two-tiered system as an article 22, working next to FT preloaders under the old FT wage. It used to hurt looking at what CLERKS made in comparison to me. Then i began to appreciative what a $50K annual salary had-to say nothing of the close to $20K benefits pkg. And this was pre-recession, but even then I was thankful for job, rather than bitter over what someone else was making, especially considering that option may not have existed if the salary of an art 22 wasn't set lower.

    As an aside, would a two-tied system affect Feeder drivers?
  19. InsideUPS

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    Rudy....welcome to UPS and thank you for taking the time to become interested in your working conditions at UPS.

    The first thing that I urge all new employees to do is to become familiar with what a Union is and what it can and cannot do for you. I also urge you to to try and understand what UPS is as a Corporation. By fully understanding what two entities you are involved with, you will be better prepared to deal with your career at UPS....whether it be as a Union member or eventually as a member of the management team. So with that said...let me answer your specific questions........

    Q1) Do I think that the Union will ever negotiate a uniform (work shoe) allowance?...
    A1) While I don't think it's impossible....I do believe it is highly unlikely...

    Q2) "Also why dont part timers have bidding rights like full timers? We all pay union dues"
    A2) I suggest you obtain a copy your contract book and read the contract language......I believe that you will find that you do have bidding rights to the extent outlined in the particular language that you are interested in.

    IMPORTANT NOTE..... a GENERAL course in Contract Language 101 (National Master...Region Supplements...and State and Local Rider) is essential in fully understanding your rights as a Union member. Each and every Region, State, and Local can have their own agreements and "Letters of Understanding". I say this to prevent you from taking language "out of context" and falsely believing you have language to support your argument. Furthermore, contract language from your Local can override Master contract language outlined in front of the book... (unless otherwise stated in the Master Language).

    CAUTION: Your Local Business Agent has complete authority to make agreements with UPS which may seem contrary to the contract language written in the book. Simply read any grievance form and you will see that each person filing a grievance is giving his BA the right to negotiate for him or her. As a supplement to that statement..... Each and every Union member also has the right to file a lawsuit against his or her Local IF they do not feel that they have been represented properly. This is where Labor Law attorneys come in. Only in extreme cases does this occur.

    P.S.... As some have mentioned...... In all likelihood, you will not be able to write off your work shoes on Schedule A (Itemize). (there is a threshold floor amount that is too great for most individuals) i.e. the amount of your Standard Deduction will most likely not be exceeded. of luck with your career at UPS or whatever you choose to pursue in life...
  20. PT Stewie

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    You are the union ! Do not complain here see you steward,call your BA,go to a union meeting,read the contract.Seniority does matter you need to speak up. Do not be one on the lemmings that say "I don't want a target on my back" Management feeds on that stuff.