Partial Enforcement of Policy--- Grievance?

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  1. Johnny Paycheck

    Johnny Paycheck Speak softly and carry a big stick.

    I work in the heaviest trailer on my belt with one other loader. This trailer is at the end of the belt and generally receives between 100 and 200 miss-sorts per night. That's not an exaggeration. My FT supe has made the pickoff shut off the belt and come clean them up one time when they were stacked chest-high on both sides of the extendo. Most night we just toss them out of the trailer and stack them up on carts at the end of the night.

    Monday, before the start of the shift, the PT supe tells me and the other guy who works in KC (our trailer) that too many miss-sorts are still being sent to KC and it's been a problem for awhile. He tells us that his instructions from now on are that we are to physically walk each and every miss-sort out of the trailer and to the miss-sort chute. He is to observe us. The first 2 times he sees us do something other than walk the miss-sort will be verbal warnings, 3rd time is a warning letter and 4th time will result in us being written up (he didn't say what would happen the 5th time.)

    He stated, and I clarified that even though the walk is the "way you're supposed to do it anyways." he will not be looking for that in any other trailers and that procedure of discipline will not apply to any other loaders on my belt.

    So, long story shot, I'm being told that I'm going to be disciplined differently from the people in the next trailer over and punished for things that everyone else on the belt does. (Standard procedure is to put the box on the catwalk outside the trailer and hope the floor guy grabs it.) If he tries to discipline me or the other loader at all, can we grieve him?
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    WESLA It is what it is

    If you will learn how easy it is to work as instructed and work safely, your job will be a lot better.
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    Unless the instructions are unsafe unethical or illegal you must work as directed. If you feel you're being harassed or treated unfairly you're welcome to file a grievance. If I was in your situation I would find anything and everything to file grievances on at least once every other day. I don't like being threatened with write ups so he can get grievances in return for everything he does wrong. I also wouldn't sprint to take those misloads where they go I would go at a snails pace screw him.
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    I agree. I used to be all about getting it done and worked way to hard. Just play the "game" by the book and managements hands are tied. Work safe, and they'll have to comply. They will be forced to adjust to you working safe. If they force you to work unsafe under "work as directed", then threaten them with OSHA. Once OSHA is mentioned, that should get their head on straight. If not then use OSHA and then watch what happens.

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  5. Johnny Paycheck

    Johnny Paycheck Speak softly and carry a big stick.

    Neither of us have targets on our back or anything. We both usually load +450 PPH's for the night. When the other guy isn't going to make it into work, he just calls the FT supe so he doesn't use up his occurrence days. I think it's just higher ups having no clue. The FT supe has come to us and told us the problem with KC isn't ours. He buys us sub sandwiches on days when we both go over 2000 scans. Yesterday I walked every miss-sort I laid hands on to the chute. The belt was utter chaos, shutting off because of KC, and I gave the PT supe a grin every time I passed him.

    Today I'm turning in a grievance on 5 supervisors working in my trailer when I was on another belt yesterday. The south-side hourlies don't say :censored2: so the south-side supes bring over their buddies from unload and training once we hit down time and tell them to start power loading. I'm from the north-side outbound and that doesn't happen because we enforce the contract. Hope they don't ask me to come back.
  6. kingOFchester

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    Careful guys, there is a member/s here that will tell you we do not have to work as instructed. He will also flame you for working as instructed when it benefits you.

    Wesla, be ready for this member to tell you that you are wrong for working as instructed since you are only doing it to make your job better.