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  1. 25yrvet

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    Instead of preloaders yelling out street names they now yell out 33B,5A,etc. Maybe we could get granny to come work the preload w/o pay instead of playing bingo at the palor!
    Oh the perks of working at ups.
  2. scratch

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    One of the many problems with PAS is now the Preloaders don't know what goes on a Package Car unless it has the PAS Label on it. I have a great Preloader the last five years, but she went from one missort every six months to three to five a week because of PAS labels being put on the wrong box.

    I hope they don't go to "PAS Bingo", the winning driver would probably get an extra "ADD/CUT"!
  3. rngri4

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    I'ts not entirely the loaders fault that the boxes were being put on the trucks. Loaders now, especially new ones, without the old area knowledge, don't even look at the shipping label most of the time. They are trained now to only look at a PAS label, if they are getting put on the wrong box, that lies entirely on the fault of your SPA people, not the loader. If they would get the correct training by the P/T Sups, they would look at both, but that isn't what happens most of the time.
  4. Joopster

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    It is the preloaders fault. They are trained to look at the last 4 on the PAS and match that to the last 4 on the shipping label...

    Why is that hard. I did it with no problems.
  5. aspenleaf

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    In my center we get yelled at if we look at the last four. I have found bad labels before and I was in trouble for "wasting" time. I was told that I am paid to load; not think or try to things "better". So most loaders end up not caring and just follow the labels.
  6. Joopster

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    Which is the exact reason for the misloads. You very rarely get a "bad" label. I work the boxline sort. I read thousands of those labels every night. I don't have time to look at each one except to make sure it is on the right boxline. Loaders have enough time between grabbing the package and making it to the truck to look...there are other ways to do it, street number, etc.

    To each his own, it doesn't bother me anymore....I just would RTS if there were every any problems...
  7. aspenleaf

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    Maybe in your area you have time to do that as you load trucks. We do not. And your SPA people must be better than the guy who is half asleep on my boxline because we have tons of bad labels or they are out of sync. I'd be happy if they could just put CO packages in my cage instead of the WI, CA, or AZ I get all the time. Next I'd like them to actually put the packages that go to my trucks in my cage. I don't have misloads unless I have a bad label. I do check my NDA but the other packages I do not have time.
  8. Joopster

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    Sounds like you need to get some better sorters and spa personnel!

    Seriously, how would the boxline sorter put an AZ package in a cage in Colorado? You can't sort it without a PAS label....

    And I highly doubt that our loaders have any more time than you do...maybe they just work harder :lol:
  9. aspenleaf

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    Not sure on getting other states in my cage but it happens every day. We also have more add/ cuts than any box line which keeps us busy - so that may be why I have no time to read all the labels on the box. Some days I cut half of one of my trucks and the other 3 will also have a page of add/cuts.
  10. rngri4

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    I agree with you 100%, that is how our loaders should be getting trained, but in many centers, the p/t sups, who have never known anything but PAS thinks it saves everything, and unfortunately the loaders themselves don't get the right training, such as loading by looking at both labels. That is ashame, and falls solely on training provided by a p/t sup, who themselves have probably never loaded.
  11. dammor

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    Here's the kicker folks. Just wait till the system goes down. It will, it already has here, and you will find a whole center in the twilight zone. Area knowledge is a thing of the past for loaders. Hell, they don't even know what town you are delivering to anymore. Not thier fault though, they are trained to pay very little if any attention to the actual address on the package. As a driver that is very frustrating. We are talking 2 different languages here. What a great idea................
  12. trickpony1

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    No where in the last 2 or 3 posts have I heard mention that preloaders are now expected to load more pkg cars.
    When I was a preloader I loaded 3 cars by memory, one of which was a military base. It's my understanding that preloaders now load as many as 5 cars.

    Does any one see a difference here? Am I the only one that thinks the sheer logistics of having to stumble over stacked boxes trying to race the boxline, then having to backtrack to the original starting point meanwhile the boxline has more pkgs shoved into it as it turns the corner to the sort slide is more than the average human can do........for $8.50 an hour?

    I have a novel idea. Let's give each preloader 2-3 MORE pkg cars to total 7-8 cars and then bitch about the load quality as the preloader becomes even more frustrated, fatigued and then finally quits.

    I know.......there are management people who post here that, during their formative years with the company, unloaded the feeder, loaded 3-5 pkg cars and then went out and ran all 3-5 routes and got in under 9.5.

    Stupid me.
  13. aspenleaf

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    That is a great thought!
    I only have 4 trucks right now, last peak I had 6 but I had a guy who helped me until he kept misloading then they had him stack and I loaded. Tons of fun can't wait for it to start again!
  14. dammor

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    I am not blaming the preloaders for this mess. As I said earlier many of the problems are embedded in the program. Every day I get several packages that have my pal label on it but in fact should be loaded on a truck that delivers to a town 30 miles away. It is true they are expected to load too many trucks. Every time I get to work with a preloader for awhile and things get better they either move them or they quit. Turnover is the worst I've ever seen on the preload. Fulltime sups have left in droves also. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that as a company we are headed in the wrong direction. I like my job, I just wish we were as service oriented as we were in the past. That was the most fulfilling part of this job. Seems these days we are just UP.
  15. We have never gone through more new hires than we do now. They don't even stay a full day. I loaded the pull (its a 3 car one) that is open (I was moved to a 4, sometimes 5 car one) before PAS messed it up. That thing is next to impossible now. Way too many bulk stops but according to them it works. No one not even the pt sup who loads it when there is no new hire that day (yea I know grievance) can keep up with it with any semblance of load quality . This is just 3 cars. I have 4 cars and it does 1200-1400 pcs daily. I'm no rookie and I can't keep up with it, just can't without help. I load right around 200 pph now sometimes a little more sometimes less (was around 220 on average when I had 3 cars) but they start me at 3:45 and want me done around 8:30 so I can help others like I used to...yeah ok. Lets see 4.45x200 = 950 hmmm yeah thats fair. What about the other 250-450 pcs?

    According to them PAS makes it easier so I should be able to load more faster. Lets see I have to read a tracking number, compare the labels and resequence the shelf everytime I get a package...not too mention have more ground to cover now with 4 is that faster? I don't have time to do that to EVERY package if they want me to even come close to wrapping. Simple as that. Before PAS I KNEW where everything went and just put it in there. Hell I memorized a couple other pulls just from helping out. I used to average 1 or 2 misloads a its 1 or 2 a week thanks to the SPA crew. Not too mention my trucks look like **** because I don't have time to arrange everything like I used to. My drivers know I am a good loader but because I have to follow this bastardized loading system the trucks are a disaster. They'll ask me where certain stuff is on them today and I just have to stare at them like an idiot because I have no idea other than bulk stops as much of it was moved when the route was relooped

    Some members of management have even admitted some pulls are impossible to wrap in the amount of time given to do so. I find this amusing...because they do nothing about it and berate you if you don't finish. They wonder why no one stays...:w00t: