Passport Call Center / Concepts Limited - any info?

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  1. djkre8r

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    Is anyone familiar with this shipper? I deliver a lot of these envelopes. Normally they go to someone who can't speak English. Today I had 3 going to 3 separate people, 3 totally different names, and to be delivered to the same trailer. I am wondering if they are either... (1)Green Cards, (2)Visa Permits, or (3)Illegal id cards. I have noticed if I have a "Not In 1" that SOMEONE will be home the next day to sign for it. Through my online research all I get is the company is 3 yrs old and employees ONE person. Sounds suspicious to me.
    Label says:
    Passport Call Center
    (504) 883-7616
    Concepts Limited
    3945 N I-10 Service Rd W
    Metairie, LA 70002
  2. RustyPMcG

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    It looks like the location the envelopes are originating from is an outsouce telemarketer call center, and "Passport Call Center" is the d/b/a of one of their clients.

    If I had to guess, they're selling something worthless to people who don't know better. Perhaps they have compiled some information from the State Department's website regarding passorts and imigration issues. They're probably targeting people who don't know how to complain when they discover they've been conned, or people who can't complain.

    In other words, your typical low-life preditors like you'll find in boiler-room telemarketer call centers across the country. And using UPS helps them avoid mail fraud issues just in case someone is going after them.
  3. menotyou

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    I admit I am hesitant to give this advice, but here goes. Tell security your suspicions. They could bring in Homeland Security. They can open the envelopes and see. I'm guessing option 3, illegal i.d. cards.

    I have a farm kind of behind my house. On the same road as the farm, there is a trailer that use to belong to an older woman who passed. The house was not put up for sale. Someone lives there as there is movement in there. My guess? Mexicans or some other illegal farm workers. They are everywhere around here. Its amazing how they are not scared of the brown truck, though!
  4. packageguy

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    Yes, call Lp, don't take a chance, they might think your part of it.
  5. Baba gounj

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    I too have seen these , and when I ask for an id , it's a foreign passport. Kinda funny because they always drive up to our customer counter in a newer car. Could it be that they don't have a valid local driver's license ?
    I think next time anyone drives up in a car and shows me a foreign passport , I'm going to refuse it and demand a USA issued license. UPS may get :censored2: off, but I'd feel safer knowing that only offically license drivers are on my roads.
  6. UnsurePost

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    or the ones that show up at the counter to pick up their passport but have no ID to verify :D
  7. thessalonian13

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    I delivered a dozen of these letters to 1 house in NJ over the span of 10 days. Every name was a foreign name and all the phone numbers were from NY. I made copies of the 2nd day letters and gave them to my division manager. I never heard a thing about it since.
  8. Baba gounj

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    But hey always bring along a cousin to verify for them, who also by the way has no id and drives.
  9. djkre8r

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    I brought it to the attention of some sups today and they also thought it was suspicious. BUT... did nothing. Our clerk opened one up and it does contain a passport. I understand a person may enter our country on a visa or a green card and then obtain a passport later. BUT - why would we be delivering these with NO SIG REQ? Are you serious? Our government would want us to just driver release a passport? Isn't a passport just as important as a social security card? It all just seems suspicious to me. Maybe I am wrong but it just seems too strange!