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    My question is how is pay calculated. It is a little different each week. When my son first started driving while still preloading they paid him straight time for the first 5 hours of preload, then the rest of preload it was time and a half. Then the first 3 hours of driving was regular pay with the remainder at overtime. Each week has been a little different. Today's check was 8 hours of regular pay for preload, then the rest of the day was overtime driving pay. The only day that was different was a day that he only preloaded. That was 5 hours of regular with 3.5 hours of overtime. Can anyone explain this?
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    not even Albert Einstein could explain big brown's payroll system. Hell, even our own payroll dept. could'nt explain it to you, that is where you could understand it.
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    you think your son has problems with payroll. i was retired for 2 years and one day in jan. a wage and earnings statement showed up in my mailbox. seems someone in nj. was training and used my name. so instead of cancelling it out they pressed send. what a hassel to get that undone.
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    if your son is hired as a driver, but is working preload for sort of a combo
    until preload is fully staffed,

    If he hasn't qualified as a driver yet.
    He'll get his driver wage, then an adjustment for the hours worked
    as a preloader, but all hours over 8 are overtime.

    If he has qualified as a driver,
    He'll get his driver wage for any and all hours worked, no difference in
    wage if they need him on preload, they still pay him driver wage. And all hours over 8 are overtime.

    If he is a combo driver (article 22.3) thats a whole arena I know nothing of.

    YMMV, but that was my experience.
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    Combo driving is purely straight pay...regardless of preload or not, and they have a max pay, which is why some of our guys here wish they had just stayed on the preload, and made twice as much, and only lose about 3 or 4 hours a day.